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[Zerubu Hill in Biei] About 30 Types of Colorful Flowers Such as Pansy, Lavender and Sunflower Can Be Enjoyed in Wonderland

November 25th, 2016

Zerubu Hill

Zerubu Hill (ぜるぶの丘) is a tourist flower garden run by Atom-nouki corporation along Furano National Route (National Route 237) in Biei town located in the southeastern part of Asahikawa city. Colorful flowers are planted with Mt. Asahidake (旭岳) or Tokachidake Mountain Range (十勝岳連峰) as a backdrop on gentle hillside, and visitors can enjoy a typical view of Hokkaido. There are flower fields, a grass open space, Atomu Hill (亜斗夢の丘), Zerubu-no-Oka Restaurant (ぜるぶの丘レストラン), Zerubu Cafe (カフェゼルブ), Zerubu-no-Oka Atomu Shop (ぜるぶの丘アトムショップ), a parking lot and restrooms on the site. Ken and Mery Tree (ケンとメリーの木) can be seen from Atomu Hill Observation Deck on the 3rd floor. They have 2 hills, Zerubu Hill and Atomu Hill, But the Atomu Hill is not a hill but a building. A souvenir shop opens on the 1st floor, and a gallery is held on the 2nd floor, and the observation deck is built on the 3rd floor. The Zerura Hill is open from late April to early October. * Only the restaurant is open through the year. A soft serve ice cream is popular. Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge.

Zerubu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill
Atomu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill
Ken and Mary Tree from Atomu Hill Observation Deck
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill

The distance is around 2 km away from the center of the Biei, and restraunts, cafes, souvenir shops and convenience stores are built there. The Ken and Mery Tree and Hokusei-no-Oka Observatory Park (北西の丘展望台) are relatively near here, and I think tourists can drop by here while they enjoy a tour of Pachwork Road (パッチワークの路). By the way, speaking of the tasty restraunts or shops near Biei Station, Restaurant ASPERGES (レストラン・アスペルジュ), Komugikobo (小麦工房), Yoshoku and Cafe Junpei (洋食とcafeじゅんぺい) and Senkakobo (選果工房) are popular in particular. I ate foods at the Restaurant ASPERGES, the Komugikobo and the Senkakobo, and those were tasty.

Ken and Mary Tree

Ken and Mary Tree (ケンとメリーの木) is a large poplar tree used a car television commercial in 1973. It was named by character names. There are a cafe and a parking lot near the tree. The Ken and Mary Tree can be looked from an observatory of Zerubu Hill and it is one of best viewing spots for the Ken and Mary Tree. Article is here

View from Other Side
Biei Patchwork Road Ken and Mary Tree

Hokusei-no-Oka Observatory Park

Hokusei-no-Oka Observatory Park (北西の丘展望公園) features a pyramid-shaped observatory in Biei and is famous for seeing the beautiful setting sun. The observatory provides a 360-degree view such as an extensive mountain ridgeline and Tokachidake Mountain Range. There are a restroom, a parking lot, a stall and a tourist information center in the site, too. Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge, too. The parking lot and the observatory deck are used in a winter, too. Article is here

Pyramid-Shaped Observatory
Biei Hill Patchwork Road Hokusei-no-oka Observatory Park

Restaurant ASPERGES

Restaurant ASPERGES (レストラン・アスペルジュ) is a French restaurant in Biei town located in the southern part of Asahikawa city. ASPERGES means asparagus in French language. It opened a business in 2007 and is open as a restaurant of Biei-senka (美瑛選果) run by JA Biei (JA美瑛). Mr. Kazunori Kato (加藤千典) act as a chef and it is popular restraunt that visitors can enjoy charm of vegetables. They garnered one star in MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido 2012 Special Edition. Article is here

French Cuisine -ASPERGES in Biei- Salad


Bieisenka (美瑛選果) is a local speciality shop run by JA Biei (JA美瑛) in Biei town located in the southern part of Asahikawa city. There are Senkaichiba (選果市場) that visitors can buy fresh vegetables, Senkakobo (選果工房) that the visitors can enjoy sweets and light meals, Restraunt ASPERGES (レストラン・アスペルジュ) that the vititors can enjoy vegetables of French cuisine and Komugikobo (小麦工房) that the visitors can purchase rusk at Bieisenka (びえいのラスク), and each buildings are stylish. Osamu Suzuki atelier (鈴木理アトリエ) designed the buildings. Article is here


Strawberry Juice
Bieisenka in Biei
Bieisenka in Biei

Flower Fields

The flower fields of 80,000 ha are maintained on the gentle hillside at about 27 m above sea level, and about 30 types of flowers such as Pansy, Lavender, Sunflower, Begonia, Cosmos can be enjoyed from June to September. I think that a conbination of colorful flowrers and small trees looks like a wonderland. It takes about 30 minutes to look around on foot, and the visitors can drive a dune buggy and a go-cart for fee. Those fares are over JPY 500. Especially, the dune buggy is popular with children.

Flowers on Zerubu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill
Look of Zerubu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill
Sunflowers from Atomu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill
Zerubu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill
View from Atomu Hill
Biei Patchwork Road Zerubu Hill

Atmosphere of Zerubu Hill Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Zerubu Hill

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking lot is provided (120 Cars)
Business hours 08:30-17:00
Regular closing day From early October to late April
Telephone number +81-166-92-3160
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 389 071 414*51


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Minshuku Cress(民宿クレス)
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A page of Biei is here




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