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Yakitori-Bento with Tasty Grilled Pork Is Noted Product of Hakodate -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-

December 15th, 2014

Hasegawa Store (ハセガワストア) is a convenience store chain in Hakodate city and is nicknamed "Hasesuto (ハセスト)" and is famous for selling Yakitori-bento (やきとり弁当). It was founded in 1958 and tied up with seicomart (the biggest convenience store chains in Hokkaido) in 2004. By the way, there are convenience store chains called Taiei (タイエー) in Nemuro and is group businesses of Hasegawa store. They sell the Yakitori-bento, too. * I ate it in old days in Nemuro city.

Appearance of Building
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-

Yakitori-bento is a box lunch that dried seaweed covered with rice is topped with grilled porks on skewers (Yakitori) newly. Generally, Yakitori means grilled chickens on skewers in Japanese language, but the Yakitori means grilled pork on skewers in Hakodate. Visitors choose seasoning grilled pork on skewers among 4 kinds of sauces, sauce, salt, shio-dare (salt-based sauce) and uma-kara (spicy sauce), and choose one among 8 kinds of Yakitori-bento. I visited the Hasegawa store Showa branch and was going to order it at once, but I write it on an order sheet and must order it. Because Yakitori-bento of regular size seasoned with shio-dare (塩ダレ) was recommended by my friend, I ordered it. The price was JPY 563.

Cover of Yakitori-Bento
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-

The pork on skewers were grilled in front of my eyes for approximately 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I was able to spend it happily because I talked with a waitress. Because the visitors could not eat it at the Showa branch, I planned to eat the Yakitori-bento outside.

Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-

3 grilled pork on skewers and 1 grilled vegetables on skewer laid at a container. Good taste spreaded over in my mouth when I ate it at once. The grilled pork went well with the rice. It was tasty! All this I knew afterwards, it seems to take grilled pork and grilled vegetables off the skewers with a closing cover. Everybody, please use the mechanism!


Yakitori-Bento from Top
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-
Grilled Pork on Skewer
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-
Grilled Vegetables on Skewer
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-
Fall off Skewer
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-
Pork, Rice and Dried Laver
Yakitori-Bento -Hasegawa Store in Hakodate-
Parking lot Parking lot is provided(15 cars).
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-138-42-0024
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 86 223 467*00

A page of Hakodate is here




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