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White Curry and Rice Resemble Stew or Curry -Okhotsk Palace in Monbetsu-

May 24th, 2014

White Curry and Rice (ホワイトカレー) is a local dish in Monbetsu city facing the Sea of Okhotsk and can be eaten at several restaurants in Monbetsu city, and the whole town spreads recognition of the white curry and rice. I visited to eat the white curry and rice at Hotel Okhotsk Palace (ホテルオホーツクパレス) around 13:00 on weekdays.

Appearance of Building
White Curry and Rice -Okhotsk Palace in Monbetsu-

The Hotel Okhotsk Palace was founded in 1960 and is famous as an accommodation in Monbetsu. A building is next to roadside station "Okhotsk Hyomon Station (オホーツク氷紋の駅)". There is Cafe and Restraunt Marina at the hotel, and this restraunt is so large. Seats are all tables, so family customers seem to enjoy. I sat at the table and ordered the white curry and rice that I craved. The price was JPY 1000.

White Curry and Rice from Top
White Curry and Rice -Okhotsk Palace in Monbetsu-

The white curry and rice images in Monbetsu, and seafood and mountain vegetables are filled. Ingredients were a scallop and a prawn, etc. Meringue of curry sauce expressed drift ice, red bell pepper expressed the Garinko-go2 (ガリンコ号2 * ice boat), asparagus expressed the Okhotsk tower (オホーツクタワー). I thought that this was a very creative dish. It tasted like stew sauce or like curry sauce. It was Mysterious!


Resemble Stew
White Curry and Rice -Okhotsk Palace in Monbetsu-
Creamy Taste
White Curry and Rice -Okhotsk Palace in Monbetsu-
White Curry and Rice -Okhotsk Palace in Monbetsu-

White Curry and Rice and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of White Curry and Rice

Parking lot Parking is provided (150 Cars)
Business hours 10:30-21:00
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-158-26-3600
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 401 357 801*75



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