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Grilled Whelks and Ramen -Kadoya in Kushiro-

July 7th, 2014

Kadoya (かど屋) is a restraunt specializing in grilled whelk (つぶ貝専門店) in Sakae-machi, Kushiro city. The name of restaurant take after abuilding on a corner of a street (corner means Kado in Japanese language). It was founded in 1967. Menu has only 2 dishes, grilled whelk and ramen * Of course, drinks are served, too. Prices are JPY 850 and JPY 600. The restraunt has an atomosphere such as a typical good old Japanese‐style barbecue restraunt. There are some tables. But family customers seem not to enjoy. The menu for child is nothing.

Appearance of Building
Grilled Whelk -Kadoya in Kushiro-

I sat at a counter seat and ordered the grilled whelk and the ramen. During about half a century, they have been grilling the whelks. There were exclusive cases to put whelks, too. As was expected, it was a specialty restaurant. Because the whelk was very hot, I hold it down with a paper napkin and pulled it out with a toothpick. Finally customers drink the left whelk juice at a shell. This is how to eat the grilled whelks.

Grilled Whelks
Grilled Whelk -Kadoya in Kushiro-
Very Hot
Grilled Whelk -Kadoya in Kushiro-
Drink Whelk Juice
Grilled Whelk -Kadoya in Kushiro-

The ramen was served successively. Black soup is a characteristic. The ramen soup seemed to use the sauce for the grilled whelks, it had a strong taste with salt. This is a typical Kushiro ramen with using seafood broth and thin noodles. This ramen is recommended for a rich taste evangelist.


Grilled Whelk -Kadoya in Kushiro-
Roasted Pork Fillet
Grilled Whelk -Kadoya in Kushiro-
Grilled Whelk -Kadoya in Kushiro-

Grilled Whelk and Ramen and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Grilled Whelk and Ramen

Parking lot Parking lot is not provided
Business hours 18:00-01:00
Regular closing day Sunday
Telephone number +81-154-24-4039
Home page home page is not provided
Mapcode 149 226 748*58

A page of Kushiro is this




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