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Only Peninsula in Lake Kussharo -Wakoto Peninsula around Lake Kussharo-

May 6th, 2017

Wakoto Peninsula

Wakoto Peninsula (和琴半島) is only peninsula extending out Lake Kussharo (屈斜路湖) in the southern side of the Lake Kussharo. A scenic-viewing trail that tourists can make a round trip on the peninsula for approximately 1 hour is built. The min-min-zemi cicada (ミンミンゼミ) inhabit here, they do not inhabit further north than the Lake Kussharo and are designated as a special natural treasure in 1951. The facilities are substantial, too, and there are Wakotohanto-Kohan Camping Ground (和琴半島湖畔キャンプ場), hot springs, a souvenir shop, a restraunt, a boat for hire, a restroom. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. It is said to be a sightseeing base of the Lake Kussharo.

Wakoto Peninsula
Lake Kussharo
Wakoto Peninsula
Lake Kussharo
Wakotohanto-Kohan Camping Ground
Lake Kussharo Wakoto Peninsula
Yezo Aconite Blooms along Walking Path
Teshikaga, Lake Kussharo, Wakoto Onsen
Autumn Leaves around Lake Kussharo
Teshikaga, Lake Kussharo, Wakoto Onsen
Oyakotsu Jigoku. At Present, No Trespassing
Teshikaga, Lake Kussharo, Wakoto Onsen
Calm Lake Kussharo
Teshikaga, Lake Kussharo, Wakoto Onsen
Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (100 Cars)
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-15-482-2940
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 731 577 050*77

Wakoto Onsen

Wakoto Onsen is natural baths around Lake Kussharo in Teshikaga town located in the northern part of Kushiro city and is the generic name of "Wakoto Open-air Bath (和琴温泉露天風呂)" and "Public Bath (公衆浴場)" in Wakoto Peninsula. In addition, there is a walking path with about 2.5 km in length that tourists can make a round trip, and there is a hot spring gushing place called Oyakotsu Jigoku (オヤコツ地獄 * Oyakotsu Hell). The tourists were able to take a bath in old days. Unfortunately it is currently prohibited to enter the Oyakotsu Jigoku. In addition, it seems to be the hot springs called Oku-no-Yu (奥の湯) appropriate for secret hot spring, too. I am interested in this hot spings. Article is here

Good Sence of Openness
Teshikaga, Wakoto Onsen

Atmosphere of Wakoto Onsen Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Wakoto Onsen


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Kawayu Daiichi Hotel SUIKAZURA(川湯第一ホテル 忍冬)
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Hotel Parkway(ホテルパークウェイ)
Kawayu Kanko Hotel(川湯観光ホテル)
KKR Kawayu(KKR川湯)
Tabibito-no-Yado Asanebo(旅人の宿 あさ寝坊)
Kussharoko Hotel(屈斜路湖ホテル)
Kussharo-Genya Youth Guesthouse(屈斜路原野ユースゲストハウス)
Kussharo Prince Hotel(屈斜路プリンスホテル)
Sanko Onsen(三香温泉)
Lakeside Resort Pension CHATRAN(レイクサイドリゾートペンションチャトラン)
Gasthof Papilio(ガストホフ ぱぴりお)

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