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[Kururu-no-Mori in Kita-hiroshima] Local Production for Local Consumption Restaurant


Kururu-no-Mori (くるるの杜) is a commercial complex opened in 2010 in Kita-hiroshima city located in the southeastern direction of Sapporo city, and is run by HOKUREN Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (ホクレン農業協同組合連合会) that is famous for milk. Some facilities such as an agricultural workshop, a cooking experienced facility, a direct selling fresh agricultural products place, Farm Village Restaurant and Mono Cafe are built at the site, and they hope visitors can feel a close connection to agriculture through those. In those facilities, Farm Village Restaurant assumes food education.

Appearance of Building
Vegetable Buffet - Kururu-no-Mori in Kitahiroshima -

My visited place is the Farm Village Restaurant. The interior decoration has a stylish atmosphere by using a lot of woods, so warmth of the woods is felt. The restaurant is large, and the ceiling is high. All the seat is table seat, so I guess that even family customers and a large number of customers enjoy meals.

Movie of Kururu-no-Mori

Vegetable Buffet

I visited here around 13:00 on a weekday. I heard that it was a popular restaurant, but I was able to sit at a table seat without forming a line fortunately. But a lot of customer enjoyed their meals. The restaurant adopted advance payment, so I paid money in a cash desk before having lunch. The price of lunchtime was JPY 1500 for adult.

Dishes from Top
Vegetable Buffet -Kururu no mori in Kitahiroshima-

They serve home-cooked meals such as Salad, Tempura, Noodlesm Curry Sauce, Sweets and Drinks using vegetables, meats and dairy products produced in Hokkaido, and those have various types. Cutomers can eat as much as they like. Because the restaurant was local production for local consumption, most of dishes were very tasty. But the dishes was too various types to eat all the dishes. That was very unfortunate because of very tasty food. Thanks for the tasty meal!


Fried Chicken
Vegetable Buffet -Kururu no mori in Kitahiroshima-
Vegetable Buffet -Kururu no mori in Kitahiroshima-
Perilla Juice
Vegetable Buffet -Kururu no mori in Kitahiroshima-

Dishes and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Dishes

Parking lot Parking is provided (312 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-15:30
Regular closing day Monday * If Monday is a national holiday, the next day is a closing day.
Telephone number +81-11-377-8886
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 9 239 163*00

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