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Angel Garden of The Female, By the Female, For the Female -Trappistine Monastery in Hakodate-

June 30th, 2017

Trappistine Monastery (トラピスチヌ修道院) is a convent founded by 8 sisters from France in 1898 and is located in the east part of Hakodate city area. Another name is Angel Garden (天使園). It was rebuilt in 1927 though it was destroyed by a fire in 1925. There are Statue of Archangel Michael (大天使聖ミカエル像), Statue of Virgin Mary with Sad Face (悲しみの聖母マリア), Museum (資料館), Souvenir Shop (売店), Chapel for Travelers (旅人の聖堂), Lourdes (ルルド), Statue of St. Theresa (聖テレジアの像), Parsonage (司祭館), Church (聖堂), Statue of French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc (ジャンヌ・ダルクの像) and Gate for New Nun (入会者の門) at the site. Except a monastic life, a front garden is open to public. Speaking of the Trappist Monastery, sweets are famous. Especially, a cookie and a soft serve ice cream is very popular. Admission free. There is a toll parking lot near the Trappistine Monastery.

Entrance of Trappistine Monastery
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Look of Front Garden
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Monastery Facility
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Chapel for Travelers
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Statue of Virgin Mary with Sad Face
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Shape of Trees Is Interesting
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Tourists Look at Statue of St. Theresa
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Statue of St. Theresa
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery
Look of Front Garden
Hakodate Trappistine Monastery

Atmosphere of Trappistine Monastery Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Trappistine Monastery

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot There is pay parking lot
Business hours Summer season 08:10-17:00
Winter season 08:20-16:30
Regular closing day Summer season Wednesday
Winter season Sunday and Year-end and New Year holidays
Telephone number +81-138-57-3331
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 86 144 180*22


Refer to following websites for the accommodations around Trappistine Monastery.


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Yumoto Isaribikan(湯元漁火館)
Hotel Amamiyakan(ホテル雨宮館)
Imagine Hotel and Resort Hakodate(イマジン ホテル&リゾート函館)
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Hotel Kahantei(ホテル河畔亭)
Hotel Kamomekan(ホテルかもめ館)
KKR Hakodate(KKRはこだて)
Daikokuya Ryokan(大黒屋旅館)
Yumoto Takubokutei(湯元 啄木亭)
Boro NOGUCHI Hakodate(望楼 NOGUCHI函館)
Chikuba Shinyotei(竹葉新葉亭)
Hanabishi Hotel(花びしホテル)
Hotel Banso(ホテル万惣)
Hotel Yunokawa(ホテル湯の川)
Yunokawa Kanko Hotel Shoen(湯の川観光ホテル 祥苑)
Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei(湯の川プリンスホテル 渚亭)
Yunohama Hotel(湯の浜ホテル)
Kappou Ryokan Wakamatsu(割烹旅館 若松)

A page of Hakodate is here




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