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[Seizushi in Toyotomi] Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder Combined Deliciously Milk with Seafood

June 7th, 2014


Seizushi (誠鮨) is a sushi restaurant facing National Route 40 in Toyotomi town located in the southern part of Wakkanai city, and is near Toyotomi Post Office. The Toyotomi is famous for Toyotomi Onsen (豊富温泉) that is effective for atopic dermatitis and Sarobetsu Plain (サロベツ原野) that is the Japan's largest high-rise damp plain in Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park (利尻礼文サロベツ国立公園). Noted products blessed with such magnificent nature are milk that is famous for Toyotomi milk brand and brown surf clam (茶ボッキ). Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder (豊富ホッキチャウダー) was contrived to publicize the special products of the Toyotomi. Because an owner treats the surf calm as sushi materials, he know to ensure tastes. It is rare that Western dishes are served at Japanese restaurant.

Appearance of Building
Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder -Seizushi-

The restaurant with an atmosphere such as a typical sushi restaurant is not large. But counter seats and small separate Japanese style rooms are provided, so I guess that even family customers enjoy meals.

Sarobetsu Wetland Center

Sarobetsu Primeval Garden is a wild flower garden in Toyotomi town located in the southern part of Wakkanai city. In the southern part of Kami-sarobetsu Plain (上サロベツ原野) located in the norhern part of Sarobetsu Plain (サロベツ原野), Rishiri‐Rebun‐Sarobetsu National Park (利尻礼文サロベツ国立公園), the Sarobetsu Primeval Garden is relatively near Wakasanai-enchi Park (稚咲内園地) and Miyanodai Observation Deck (宮の台展望台). Wooden paths of about 1.5 km total length are built at the primeval garden, and rest platforms and observation platforms are also built along the wooden paths. Here is a good place to see Magnificent Mt. Rishirifuji. Except the primeval garden, there are Sarobetsu Wetland Center (サロベツ湿原センター), Peat Industry Building (泥炭産業館), A Dredger, Museum Shop (ミュージアムショップ), Resthouse Sarobetsu (レストハウス サロベツ), Water Purification Wetland (水質浄化湿地) and a parking lot at the site. Addmission free. The parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Sarobetsu Wetland
Sarobetsu Wetland Center in Toyotomi

Toyotomi Onsen

Toyotomi Onsen (豊富温泉) is a hot spring place located in Toyotomi town in the southern part of Wakkanai city, and is on the foot of Toyotomi Onsen Ski Resort (豊富温泉スキー場). It is far from the city area, and takes about 10 minutes by a vehicle. Toyotomi Onsen has hot springs mixed oil, and is famous for effective for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. There are 9 facilities at the Toyotomi Onsen, and some restaurants open a business at some accommodations. But some accommodations have closed their businesses, and there are not a convenience store and a souvenir shop in the Toyotomi Onsen, so the hot spring place looks a deserted street. There are the Toyotomi Onsen Ski Resort and Nature Observation Center (自然観察館) around the hot spring place. Article is here

Fureai Center
Fureai Center Toyotomi Onsen

Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park

Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park (利尻礼文サロベツ国立公園) located in the northern Hokkaido between Rishiri Island, Rebun Island, Toyotomi Town and Horonobe Town is the northernmost national park in Japan, and has been designated as the national park since 1974. The area is 24,166 ha. It consists of 2 islands, wetlands and the coast, and beautiful nature such as the sea, mountains, wild flowers and wetlands is highlight. Because the Northern Hokkaido has few famous tourist attracsions, the national park is one of the most famous nature tourist attracsions. The Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park is divided into 4 areas, Rishiri Area (利尻), Rebun Area (礼文), Coastal Sand-dune Area (海浜砂丘) and Sarobetsu Area (サロベツ), and the Rishiri Area (利尻), the Rebun Area (礼文) and the Sarobetsu Area have a lot of highlights. Article is here


Motochi Coast
Rebun Island

Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder

The Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder is selected as a local specialty, and can be eaten at some restaurants, and the Seizushi is one of those. I visited here around 13:00 on a weekday. I sat at a small separate Japanese style room, and ordered it. The price was JPY 980.

Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder Combo from Top
Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder -Seizushi-

They have some rules and regulations to name a dish as the Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder. Those are as follows. But thanks to that, restaurants compete with each other, and different Bekkai Jumbo Scallop Hamburgers are born. You might as well eat those at different restaurants.

1. 4 types of dishes, Hokki Clam Chowder, Open Sandwich using Hokki Clam, Vegetable Salad using Cheese and Milk, should be sereved.
2. The Hokki Clam Chowder should use one and a half Hokki Clam caught in the Toyotomi, and the Hokki Clam Sandwich should use a Hokkai clam.
3. The Hokki Clam Chowder should use Hokki Clam caught in the Toyotomi, Milk produced in the Toyotomi, and Potato, Onion, Carrot produced in Hokkaido.
4. Seasoning and the amount of the Hokki Clam Chowder should be conformed to a assigned recipe.
5. A assigned round dish should be used for the Hokki Clam Chowder.
6. The Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder should be served on a black tray.
7. 2 pieces of the Hokki Clam Sandwich should be served.
8. The Vegetable Salad Should use the Cheese produced in the Toyotomi.
9. Rosa Rugosa Jam should be used in the Milk.
10. Dishes should be served with a spoon, chopsticks, a small fork and a wet towel.

Clam Chowder
Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder -Seizushi-

About 15 minutes later, the Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder with a dish of the Hokki Clam Chowder, a dish of the sandwiches, a cup of Sarobetsu Hamanasu Milk and a dish of the Salad topped with cheese was served. The Hokki Clam Chowder made from Japanese-style soup broth and milk was very creamy taste. The Sarobetsu Hamanau Milk was a drink mixed Toyotomi Milk with the Rosa Rugosa Jam, and had a flavor of sweet milk. The most surprising thing was the Hokki Clam Sandwiches, it within potato salad was used cuttlefish and flying fish roes. This poping texture was addictive. All of the dishes were tasty! Thanks for the tasty meal!

Hokki Clam Sandwich
Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder -Seizushi-
Chewy and Crunchy
Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder -Seizushi-
Good Soup Stock
Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder -Seizushi-
Hokki Clam
Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder -Seizushi-

Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder Combo and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Toyotomi Hokki Clam Chowder Combo

Parking lot Parking is provided (4 Cars)
Business hours 11:30-13:30, 18:00-20:00
Regular closing day Sunday
Telephone number +81-162-82-1434
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 736 648 772*82

A page of Sarobetsu Plain is here

Sarobetsu Plain



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