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[Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo in Sapporo] Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun Built Road with Rich Sweetness

May 18th, 2014

Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo

Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo (月寒あんぱん本舗) is a long-established Japanese pastry store based in Toyohira ward, Sapporo city, and has been established since 1906. Honma corp. (株式会社ほんま) runs it. Their factory is in Eniwa, and a branch opens a business at Odori Bisse Sweets, and Wagashi Dokoro Kangetsu (和菓子処 寒月) is in Maruyama, Sapporo. They sell Japanese confectioneries such as Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun (月寒あんぱん), the store's name, Tama Donuts (玉ドーナツ) and Tsukisamu Donuts (月寒ドーナツ), and Western confectioneries. * The head office has moved to the another place since 2015. My visited place is the head office before moving.

Appearance of Store
Tsukisamu Anpan (bean-jam bun) -Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma in Sapporo-

The Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun has ever built a road. Although I wrote it, the Anpan Bean-jam Bun did not build the road. When the road was made by Japanese army in the Meiji period, the Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo distributed 5 Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun to the Japanese army workers engaged in road works every day. The workers could complete the road safely because they worked with all their power while taking in sugar. The road has been called "Anpan Road (あんぱん道路)" since then. I thnik that the Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun must be a product supported in hometown so that a brand name was named by the road. * This road is not naming right.

Anpan Road
Tsukisamu Anpan (bean-jam bun) -Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma in Sapporo-

Movie of Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun

The head office on the 1st floor of a 2 story house is not large. But a place for customers to enjoy gelato is provided at the store.


Sapporo (札幌) that about 1,960,000 people live is the largest city in Hokkaido. Although there are various theories, its origin of the name is "Dry Big River (乾いた大きな川)" in Ainu language. A population of the Sapporo is the 4th largest city after Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya in japan, and the population accounts for 36 % of Hokkaido's population! So the Sapporo has been flourished as the center of the Hokkaido. The area of the Sapporo is 1,121.26 km2, and is about as big as Hong Kong, and is the 7th largest city in the Hokkaido. The Sapporo is also famous as a tourist city, and about 15 million people come. As for a climate, it is hot that temperature rises to nearly 25 degrees in a summer, but it is easy to live without moisture. I always feel a little cool. It is cold that temperature falls to nearly -10 degrees in a winter, and amount of snowfall sometimes has more than 1 m. Article is here



Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun

The Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun was a baked bun with strained sweet red beans produced in Tokachi. I thought that it did not resemble ordinary Japanese bean-jam bun (あんパン), and looked like a mooncake filled in large quantity of bean jam (月餅). I ate the Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun with brown sugar bean jamr that was mixed honey with brown sugar this time. The price was JPY 120. The sweetness was rich, so it was a little too sweet for me. But I supposed that people with a sweet tooth like it. Thanks for the tsaty bean-jam bun!

Tsukisamu Anpan Bean-jam Bun from Top
Tsukisamu Anpan (bean-jam bun) -Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma in Sapporo-
Tsukisamu Anpan (bean-jam bun) -Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma in Sapporo-
Rich Sweetness
Tsukisamu Anpan (bean-jam bun) -Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma in Sapporo-
Parking lot Parking is provided (3 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-19:00
Regular closing day New year holidays
Telephone number +81-11-851-0817
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 9 408 181*04

A page of Sapporo is here




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