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Panjyu Is Succeeded to Traditional Taste -Shofukuya in Otaru-

May 15th, 2015

Shofukuya (正福屋) is a panjyu store in Inaho, Otaru city. They sell panju (ぱんじゅう), mini japanese sponge cakes (ベビーカステラ) and so on. They succeeded to recipes of famous panjyu store "Tanaka-no-Panjyu (田中のぱんじゅう)" in Otaru and famous panjyu store "18ban (十八番)" in Sapporo and opened a business in Sapporo in 2007 and moved to Otaru in 2014. The panjyu is a muffin which put Japanese muffin containing bean jam and octopus dumplings together. It is baked wheat flour dough with bean jam or custard cream and so on. Hokkaido has the panjyu stores in Otaru, Sapporo, Yubari, each Panjyu seem to be different in kind of bean jam and form.

Appearance of Building
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Panjyu from Top
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-

They have 6 kinds of panjyu, JPY 70 each. I ordered all kinds of Panjyu. The price was JPY 420. There were not space where visitors could eat the panjyu at the store, I ate the panjyu on a street. Its form resembled Takoyaki, and crispy outside and chewy inside. It was sweet and was hard to eat 6 Panjyu in one sitting, but I enjoyed a traditional taste.


Panjyu from Bottom
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Green Tea Flavor
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Chocolate Flavor
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Custard Cream Flavor
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Smooth Bean Paste Flavor
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Mashed Bean Paste Flavor
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Sesame and Walnuts Flavor
Sweets Panjyu -Shofukuya in Otaru-
Parking lot Parking is not provided
Business hours 10:30-19:00
Regular closing day Sunday and National holidays
Telephone number +81-134-26-6910
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 493 690 451*50

A page of Otaru is here




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