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Tasty Pancake -Rokkatei Nishi3jo Branch in Obihiro-

June 28th, 2014

Rokkatei (六花亭) is a popular confectionery company in Obihiro city. Marseille Butter Sandwich (マルセイユバターサンド) and Strawberry Chocolate (ストロベリーチョコレート) are famous. Originally it was Obihiro Branch of Senshuan (千秋庵), famous long-established confectionery company in Hakodate, but it became independent in 1977. By the way, Rokka means a snowy crystal in Japanese language. They already became a cake brand on behalf of Hokkaido. The Rokkatei has many branch stores in Hokkaido. I visited Nishi-3-jo branch (西三条店) this time. First floor is a sale space of sweets, and second floor is a tea room. Because a parking lot is large, Nishi-3-jo branch store is convenient for people to visit by cars.

Appearance of Building
Pancake Rokkatei in Obihiro

I expected for forming a line and visited here, but I took a seat immediately. When I asked a waitress about store's sweets recommendation, she replied "Pancake (ホットケーキ) or Sakusaku (crispy) Croissant (サクサククロワッサン)". Because a reputation of the pancake was high in prior investigation, I ordered the pancake.

Pancake from Top
Pancake Rokkatei in Obihiro

Butter and syrup soaked into fluffy pancakes. I enjoyed eating slightly sweet pancakes. * Sakusaku (crispy) croissant is only menu at Nishi-3-jo branch store. When I look back on times, I should just eat it. I went back, and 5 groups of visitors lined up. I was lucky.


Put Butter and Pour Syrup over Pancake
Pancake Rokkatei in Obihiro
Pancake Rokkatei in Obihiro
Fluffly Pancakes
Pancake Rokkatei in Obihiro
Slightly Sweet
Pancake Rokkatei in Obihiro
Tasty Pancake
Pancake Rokkatei in Obihiro

Assorted Sweets of Rokkatei are found on Amazon.

Parking lot Parking is provided (about 30 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-18:30
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-155-21-6666
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 124 654 429*60

A page of Obihiro is here




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