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Popular Gelato Is Used Ingredients Produced in Hokkaido or Abashiri -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-

August 4th, 2017

Risu-no-Mori (リスの森) is a popular gelato shop founded in 1998 along Japan National Route 39 in Yobito, Abashiri city and is far from Abashiri Station, and is relatively near Abashiri Kohan Onsen (網走湖畔温泉). The Risu-no-Mori means a forest of a squirrel in English. A shop clerk that trained the gelato in Italy make the tasty gelato by ingredients produced in Hokkaido and 10 kinds of sugar at same facility with the Italy. Milk, a major ingredient, is produced in Nakanishi Junjo Ranch (中西純情牧場) in Abashiri. It is a confidential of the popularity that they take their ingredients produced in Hokkaido or Abashiri seriously. They have about 60 kinds of menus, and about 12 kinds of the gelato that change from day to day hit showcases every day.

Appearance of Building
Gelato -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-

The appearance of a building is stylish, and rest tables with parasols are provided at the out of the building. The inside of the building is not large, and there is not a place for customers to enjoy the gelato at the shop. The customers order the gelato at a cash desk. The price of a scoop gelato was about JPY 370, the price of a double scoop gelato was JPY 460, the price of a triple scoop gelato was JPY 510. I ordered a triple scoop gelato, and most popular Pistachio Flavor (ピスタチオ), Milk Flavor (牛乳) and Hazelnut Flavor (ヘーゲルナッツ). The customers can choose a cup or a soft serve cream cone without any cost. I chose the soft serve cream cone.

Rest Space
Gelato -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-

I would eat the gelato at the rest place. The Pistachio Flavor was not too sweet and was tasty! The Milk Flavor was a light taste and a refreshing taste. The Hazelnut Flavor had a texture like nuts. The 3 flavor mixed taste was very tasty, too.


Pistachio Flavor, Milk Flavor and Hazelnut Flavor
Gelato -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-
Gelatos with Pistachio Flavor, Milk Flavor and Hazelnut Flavor from Top
Gelato -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-
Light Taste
Gelato -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-
Mixed Tastes Are Tasty, too
Gelato -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-
Thanks for Good Gelatos!
Gelato -Risu-no-Mori in Abashiri-
Parking lot Free parking is provided (8 Cars)
Business hours Summer season 10:00-18:00, Winter season 10:00-16:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-152-48-3053
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 305 431 409*27



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