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Bitter Sweet Samba -Petit Chocola in Sapporo-

May 15th, 2014

Petit Chocola (プティ・ショコラ) is a sweets shop at the westernmost tip of Sapporo Odori Park in Chuo ward, Sapporo city. Mr. Niitsu (新津) who won a gold medal in the Patissier Section of The Dish Olympics acts as a chef patissier, about 70 kinds of sweets are sold. It was founded in 1997.

Appearance of Building
Samba -Petit Chocola in Sapporo-

When I asked a waitress about shop's recommendation, she replied "Samba (サンバ)" without hesitation. I ordered the Samba at once, and I ate it at a table outside the shop. The price is JPY 389. Cream and cake dough are hidden in a bitter chocolate. Outside decoration is made of chocolate, too. This is refined chocolate with the outside luster fantastically.


Samba From Top
Samba -Petit Chocola in Sapporo-
Beautiful Luster
Samba -Petit Chocola in Sapporo-
Samba -Petit Chocola in Sapporo-
Parking lot Parking lot is not provided
Business hours 11:00-20:00
Regular closing day Monday and Tuesday(once a month)
Telephone number +81-11-271-3239
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 9 490 653*10

A page of Sapporo is here




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