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Panjiyuu Is Yubari Noted Sweets -Oguraya Panjyu Store in Yubari-

May 8th, 2015

Oguraya Panjyu Store (小倉屋ぱんぢゅう店) is in Wakana, Yuubari city located in the eastern part of Sapporo city. Panjyu (ぱんぢゅう) is a muffin which put Japanese muffin containing bean jam (今川焼き) and octopus dumplings (たこ焼き) together. It is baked wheat flour dough with bean jam. Hokkaido has the panjyu stores in Otaru, Sapporo and Yubari, each panjiyu seem to be different in kinds of bean jam and form.

Appearance of Building
Sweets Panjyu -Oguraya in Yubari-

The first owner learned how to make the panjiyu in Manchuria during World War II and seemed to open Oguraya in Yubari after the war. The bean jam seemed to be salty sweet at that time, but Ms. Naoko Numa (沼直子), the second owner, succeeded Oguraya Panjyu Store in 1981 and changed the bean jam to sweet strained bean paste.

Autographed Cards Are Stuck to Wall
Sweets Panjyu -Oguraya in Yubari-
Through Courtesy of Owner, Gyokuro Is Served
Sweets Panjyu -Oguraya in Yubari-

It is a characteristic of Oguraya that the size is about 3 cm in diameter and it has panjyu crust. What a circular part does slipperily is pretty. The price was JPY 90 per one. Fresh made panjyu is crispy outside, but inside is dampish and is tasty with lapse of time. Oguraya Panjyu has many fans all over Japan, a certain person lived in Kagoshima will never forget the taste of panjiyu in Yubari, he will back order. That is great as expected.


Panjyu from Side
Sweets Panjyu -Oguraya in Yubari-
Shape Looks Like Takoyaki
Sweets Panjyu -Oguraya in Yubari-
It Has Strained Bean Paste
Sweets Panjyu -Oguraya in Yubari-
Parking lot Parking is not provided
Business hours 10:00-17:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-123-56-5752
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 320 687 576*34



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