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Soft Serve Ice Cream Is Made from Fresh Okoppe Milk -Milk Hall in Okoppe-

August 19th, 2014

Milk Hall (ミルクホール) is a direct management shop run by North Plain Farm in Okoppe town located in the northeastern part of Asahikawa city. There is a building at a site of the North Plain Farm, and Western-like stylish building is the Milk Hall. The North Plain Farm is famous for producing Okoppe milk (おこっぺ牛乳), but it is known for producing a creamy caramel candy (生キャラメル) for the first time. Because I came to Okoppe that was famous for fresh milk, I thought there is no doubt that a soft serve ice cream is very tasty, and I dropped in here. Though that day was weekday, it was full of visitors at the building. There were a lot of the visitors who purchased a yogurt and a waffle corn, when I observed their while forming a line.

Stylish Appearance of Building
The stylish store appearance, North Plain Farm in Okoppe

I ordered the soft serve ice cream. The price was JPY 300. This soft serve ice cream was made from only Okoppe milk without using raw materials such as an egg and a vanilla bean. As expected, the soft serve ice cream was rich taste, and it was early to melt. This was an evidence for fresh milk. Besides, I felt even ice cream cone of soft serve ice cream to be tasty. If one was tasty, Would a chain reaction be caused?


Soft Ice Cream Melts Immediately
Soft Serve Ice Cream Sweets -North Plain Farm Milk Hall in Okoppe-

Yogurt of North Plain Farm is found on Amazon.

Parking lot Free parking is provided (20 Cars)
Business hours 10:00-15:00
Regular closing day Tuesday, Thursday
Telephone number +81-158-82-2422
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 587 447 606*64



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