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Popular Panju is Loved by Local People -Nishikawa Panju Store in Otaru-

June 18th, 2015

Nishikawa Panju Store (西川ぱんじゅう店) is a panju store facing Miyako street (都通) in Inaho, Otaru city and was founded in 1965. It is known as the most historical long-established panju store in Otaru. Because it is written as the most tasty in Otaru on a shop sign, they will be confident of their traditional taste.

Appearance of Building
Sweets -Nishikawa Panju Store in Otaru-

In fact, the Nishikawa Panju Store is loved by local people very much. I visited here 3 times and at last I was able to visit during opening of the store. It was around 13:00. Preceding visitors who were all local people bought tens of panju. Visitors may not eat long-established taste when the visitors visit around lunchtime. I visited here before around 14:00 and 15:00, but the store has already closed. It close a store as soon as ingredients run out.

Panjyu from Top
Sweets -Nishikawa Panju Store in Otaru-

The price is JPY 90 per one. The flavor is only sweet bean jam containing whole beans (つぶあん). Both handmade dough and handmade bean jam are additive-free. Because they are careful in using ingredients for panju, it will be popular. When I ordered 2 panju, an owner said "You came again 20 minutes later". Therefore I decided to come again 20 minutes later. 20 minutes later, Panju were baked and I paid JPY 180. I decided to eat at a bench on Miyako street. The owner said, "You will enjoy eating circular part down". Because the circular part is hard crunchy, it will be a bean jam accepter. It was not too sweet, and I enjoyed eating.


Semicircular Panju
Sweets -Nishikawa Panju Store in Otaru-
Panjyu from Bottom
Sweets -Nishikawa Panju Store in Otaru-
Sweet Bean Jam Containing Whole Beans
Sweets -Nishikawa Panju Store in Otaru-
Parking lot Parking is not provided
Business hours 10:00-18:00 * It close a store as soon as ingredients run out
Regular closing day Thursday
Telephone number +81-134-22-4297
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 164 719 389*67

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