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[Nakaya Kashiten in Sunagawa] Apple Pie with Flaky Pie Crust and Sweet-Sour Apple Pie Jam

October 2nd, 2014

Nakaya Kashiten

Nakaya Kashiten (ナカヤ菓子店) is a long-established confectionary shop facing National Route 12 in Sunagawa city located between Asahikawa city and Sapporo city, and is near Sunagawa Oasis Park. The confectionary shop has been establsied since 1949. Mr. Masato Kanno (管野 眞人) is a shop owner at present. Their apple pie is famous, and the shop is fascinated by a lots of people such as local people as well as tourists. It is not so large, and has an atmosphere of a typical local confectionary shop. Except the apple pie, they serve cakes and baked confectioneries. A place for custmers to enjoy foods and drinks is not provided at the building, but a resting place is provided outside of the building only in a summer.

Lovely Hand-Written Character
Apple Pie -Nakaya Kashiten  store in Sunagawa-

Apple Pie

My friend strongly recommended their apple pie to me, so I visited here in the evening on Saturday for the first time. A lot of customers formed a line. Since the apple pie was sold out, I gave it up. This time was the second challenge. There were few visitors in the day on a weekday that I visited here, so I got a long-cherished apple pie at last. The price was JPY 302 per one.


Beautiful Luster
Apple Pie -Nakaya Kashiten  store in Sunagawa-

I decided to eat it at a park near the confectionary shop. Pie crust was flaky, and apple pie jam was sweet-sour. But the sweetness was not too much. It was tasty! Fuji Apple (富士りんご) was used in the apple pie. Since it was the light sweetness, I could eat 3 pieces of the apple pie. I understood the reason why my friend strongly recommended it. Thanks for the tasty apple pie!

Apple Pie From Side
Apple Pie -Nakaya Kashiten  store in Sunagawa-
Flaky Pie Crust
Apple Pie -Nakaya Kashiten  store in Sunagawa-
Sweet-Sour Apple Pie Jam
Apple Pie -Nakaya Kashiten  store in Sunagawa-
Parking lot Free parking is provided (5 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-18:30
Regular closing day Monday and irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-125-52-2575
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 360 228 207*58



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