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[Muroran Uzuraen in Muroran] Tasty Pudding Made from Quail Eggs

April 15th, 2015

Muroran Uzuraen

Muroran Uzuraen (室蘭うずら園) is an egg production industry for quail in the suburbs of Muroran city, and is near Kimontai Primary School (喜門岱小学校), and has been established since 1961. Muroran Uzuraen corp. (株式会社室蘭うずら園) runs it, and Mr. Tadao Miura (三浦 忠雄) is a company president at present. They sell smoked eggs and raw eggs for rice as well as ordinary eggs, too, and also process eggs. Uzura Pudding, Uzura Ice Cream, Castella Cakes, Cakes and so on are served. * The Uzura means "Quail" in English. The quail egg is richer in nutrition than hen egg. In addition, the Muroran Uzuraen accounts for 100% of the sales of the quail raw egg in Hokkaido. It is marvelous!

Appearance of Office
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-

My visited place is an office beside their factory. The office looks like a site office at a construction site. They sell their products on the 1st floor. A place for custmers to enjoy foods and drinks is not provided. It seems that a direct sales shop is built recently at the same site.


Muroran (室蘭) that 90,000 people live is the 11th largest city in Hokkaido and is located in the central Hokkaido and is facing the Pacific ocean. Muroran has a relatively calm climate, it is cold with temperatures 20 degrees in a summer, it is warm with temperatures -2 degrees in a winter. Muroran is called Iron Town and developed as a port town of heavy and chemical industries. It is famous that there are factories of Nippon Steel Sumikin (新日鉄住金) and Japan Steel Works (日本製鋼所), As for Kanamoto (カナモト * the TSE First Section presentation) and Narasaki Industry (ナラサキ産業 * the TSE Second Section presentation), Muroran is an establishment of a business place. Therefore Muroran is a few town that vistors can unusually see a scenery of the factories in Hokkaido. Muroran Night View is popular, too. Article is here

Itanki Beach
Itanki Beach

Uzura Pudding

I heard that their Uzura Pudding was tasty, so I visited their office. Most of customers did not buy their products at their office, and purchased those at Roadside Station "Mitara Muroran (みたら室蘭)" and Roadside Station "Date Rekishi-no-Mori (だて歴史の杜)". I bought 3 types of Uzura Pudding such as Uzura Pudding (うずらのプリン * Pudding made from the quail eggs), Muroran Pudding (真狩産ゆりねのプリン * Quail egg pudding with lily bulb produced in Makkari) and Potato Pudding (真狩産男爵いものプリン * Quail egg pudding with baron potato produced in Makkari). An office staff said to me "Thank you for taking a trouble to come from such a far place, so I make a discount of 10% off the price". Thank you!

3 Types of Uzura Pudding from Top
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-

I ate my puddings at Hakuchodai Observation Tower (白鳥台展望台), the Muroran. I did not notice a difference of the pudding taste between hen egg and quail egg. But the egg taste was very rich. It was tasty! I was happy that the taste was not too sweet. The Uzura Pudding was a standard pudding with 2 layers, pudding layer and caramel sauce layer. The caramel sauce was a little bitter, and its bitterness went well with the sweetness.


Pudding Made from Quail Eggs
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Standard Pudding
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Caramel Sauce with Bitterness
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-

The Potato Pudding had 2 layers, pudding layer and poteto cream layer, and the Muroran Pudding also had 2 layers, pudding with lily bulb layer and lily bulb cream layer. Those had a smooth feeling when I put those into my mouth. Those were very good! Thanks for the tasty puudings!

Potate Pudding Made from Quail Eggs
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Starch Taste
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Muroran Pudding
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Lily Bulb Taste
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Pudding Is Divided into 2 Layers, Lily Bulb and Pudding
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Lily Bulb
Quail Egg Pudding -Muroran Uzuraen-
Parking lot Parking is not provided
Business hours 09:00-16:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-143-55-6677
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