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Yoitomake Covered with Haskap Jam Is Representative Sweets of Tomakomai -Mitsuboshi Head Office in Tomakomai-

June 7th, 2015

Mitsuboshi Head Office (三星本店) is a long-established confectionery company in Itoi, Tomakomai city and was founded in Otaru in 1898. Mr. Michiyoshi Kobayashi (小林慶義), an uncle of Mr. Takiji Kobayashi (小林多喜二) who was a famous novelist, established the company and moved to Tomakomai in 1912. Haskap which is local speciality product in this region is used for Yoitomake, Yoitomake (よいとまけ) is representative sweets of Tomakomai.

Appearance of Building
Yoitomake -Mitsuboshi Head Office in Tomakomai-

Yotitomake meant a shout when Oji Paper (王子製紙) workers piled up a log with human power. Appearance was designed in motif of the log. Because Tomakomai has been famous as a paper mill town, it was the cake which had roots in Tomakomai. It is famous as a swiss roll which is hard to eat most in Japan. It seems to be hard to cut a swiss roll.

Yoitomake -Mitsuboshi Head Office in Tomakomai-

I visited the head office to eat the Yoitomake. Mitsuboshi head office was considerably wide, breads hot from an oven other than the cakes including Yoitomake were sold. There is a coffee shop "Cafe Nonno (カフェのんの)" at the building and visiorts can eat Yoitomake combo. The price was JPY 324. About 10 minutes later, 2 slices of Yoitomake on a plate and a cup of coffee were served. Yoitomake was very sweet when I ate it at once. It tasted a little sour. I felt that it was too sweet, but I suppose that a person having a sweet tooth can eat deliciously it.


Look of Store
Yoitomake -Mitsuboshi Head Office in Tomakomai-
Yoitomake and Coffee from Top
Yoitomake -Mitsuboshi Head Office in Tomakomai-
Sweet and Sour Taste
Yoitomake -Mitsuboshi Head Office in Tomakomai-
Swiss Roll Is Covered with Haskap Jam
Yoitomake -Mitsuboshi Head Office in Tomakomai-

Yoitomake of Mitsuboshi is found on Amazon.

Parking lot Parking is provided (100 Cars)
Business hours 08:00-20:00
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-144-74-5225
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 113 093 501*63

A page of Tomakomai is here




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