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Hand-Made Madeleine with Rich Taste of Eggs -Maiko-no-Madeleine in Shiaoi-

October 16th, 2014

Maiko-no-Madeleine (まいこのマドレーヌ) is a popular pastry shop in Shiraoi town located in the southwestern part of Tomakomai city. I heard from my friend that sweets were tasty, and I visited here. There is a building at a residential area, the shop was not so easy to find. When I asked a waiter about shop's recommendation, he replied that it was madeleine (マドレーヌ) with an origin of the shop's name. I ordered it. The price was JPY 141.

Appearance of Building
Madeleine -Maiko-no-Madeleine in Shiraoi-
Madeleine Is Wrapped by Bag
Madeleine -Maiko-no-Madeleine in Shiraoi-

Because there were a table and chairs outside, I ate it there. Sweet scent floated in the air when I opened a bag. I took a bite, that was rich taste of eggs. What tasty madeleine this was! I was eating up it immediately. When I checked their website later, food additives were not used for sweets at all. In addition, "Egg" produced in Shiraoi seemed to have a secret of the taste.


Madeleine from Top
Madeleine -Maiko-no-Madeleine in Shiraoi-
Sweet Scent
Madeleine -Maiko-no-Madeleine in Shiraoi-
Taste of Egg
Madeleine -Maiko-no-Madeleine in Shiraoi-
Madeleine -Maiko-no-Madeleine in Shiraoi-

And I was impressed by words that were written on the other side of the bag.

We live in Shiraoi town, Hokkaido and it is a very small shop. We aim to shower "the making of product" and "the making of shop" with love and affection, not the size of the shop. The origin of company name's and the brand name's "Maiko" is the name of my eldest daughter "Maiko" with autism. Because Maiko wanted to live with her family at home not child welfare facility in future, I opened a cake studio that we worked with Maiko together. A secret of the our cake's taste is handmade with raw materials produced in Hokkaido.

Parking lot Free parking is provided (3 Cars)
Business hours 10:00-17:00
Regular closing day Sunday
Telephone number +81-144-83-5346
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 545 098 145*14



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