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Zukume Dumpling is Covered with Refined Japanese Sugar and Black Sesame -Kashin in Sapporo-

May 3rd, 2014

Kashin (嘉心) is a store specializing in Japanese sweets near Maruyama park (円山公園) in Sapporo city. It was founded in Nemuro city in 1901 and moved to Maruyama in 2004. They sell Japanese sweets made from fresh raw materials without using preservative. Among Japanese sweets, Zukume-dango(ずくめ団子 * skewered rice dumplings covered with sugar and black-seeded sesame) is especially famous. The price was JPY 650. I saw only black sesame and refined Japanese sugar (和三盆), when I opened a box. However, 5 skewered rice dumplings were hidden when I dug out those. It had entertainment properties.

Appearance of Building
zukume dumpling (skewered rice dumplings) -Kashin in Sapporo-
zukume dumpling (skewered rice dumplings) -Kashin in Sapporo-

It was covered with many sugar, but it was not too sweet than looks, too. The dumplings would not be sweet itself and had a chewy texture. Besides, customers might use those for a dish if the customers do not eat this sesame and sugar. A recipe using the sesame and sugar was affixed to the box.


Dumplings Are Dug Out
zukume dumpling (skewered rice dumplings) -Kashin in Sapporo-
Black Sesame and White Sugar
zukume dumpling (skewered rice dumplings) -Kashin in Sapporo-
Not Too Sweet
zukume dumpling (skewered rice dumplings) -Kashin in Sapporo-
Parking lot Parking is provided (4 Cars)
Business hours 10:00-18:00
Regular closing day Monday, Second Tuesday
Telephone number +81-11-623-0185
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Mapcode 9 489 349*50

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