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[Oyaki-no-Hiranaka in Sapporo] JPY 90 Per Very Reasonable Imagawa-yaki Cake


Oyaki-no-Hiranaka (おやきの平中) is a long established imagawa-yaki cake shop in Kikusui, Shiroishi ward, Sapporo city, and has been established since 1958. It takes about 10 minutes from Subway Tozai Line Kikusui Station to here on foot, so it is inconvenience for tourists, but a lot of local people and local students come. Imagawa-yaki cake is called "Oyaki (おやき)" in Hokkaido, and it is not same as Oyaki of Nagano Prefecture. The Oyaki of the Nagano is a dish, and the Oyaki of the Hokkaido is a sweets. The Hiranaka sells 5 types of the Oyaki (imagawa-yaki cakes) and soft serve ice creams. The lowest price of the Oyaki are JPY 90. The Hiranaka is popular by the reasonable price. Take-away available.

Appearance of Building
Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-
Look of Imagawa-yaki Cake Shop
Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-

Movie of Hiranaka


Sapporo (札幌) that about 1,960,000 people live is the largest city in Hokkaido. Although there are various theories, its origin of the name is "Dry Big River (乾いた大きな川)" in Ainu language. A population of the Sapporo is the 4th largest city after Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya in japan, and the population accounts for 36 % of Hokkaido's population! So the Sapporo has been flourished as the center of the Hokkaido. The area of the Sapporo is 1,121.26 km2, and is about as big as Hong Kong, and is the 7th largest city in the Hokkaido. The Sapporo is also famous as a tourist city, and about 15 million people come. As for a climate, it is hot that temperature rises to nearly 25 degrees in a summer, but it is easy to live without moisture. I always feel a little cool. It is cold that temperature falls to nearly -10 degrees in a winter, and amount of snowfall sometimes has more than 1 m. Article is here



I visited here around 15:00 on Saturday. The shop with 6 small tables was not so large. I bought the Oyaki with chocolate flavor, custard cream flavor and mayocheese (mayonnaise and cheese flavor). Each prices were JPY 90, JPY 90 and JPY 120. The prices were JPY 300 in total. It was very reasonable price. By the way, red bean paste had been the most popular flavor since its founding.


3 Types of Oyaki
Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-

I wanted to eat just baked Oyaki, and waited for about 15 minutes. There was no custmer at the shop when I entered the shop, but while waiting for my Oyaki, 5 groups of customers came to take-away in succession. It was popular after all. A female owner served just baked Oyaki with around 5 cm in diameter and a cup of tea. First I had the chocolate flavor. Crispy dough had nice texture. The chocolate flew from the dough when I broke the dough. I was glad that the dough and the chocolate were not too sweet. I will recommend it to a person without a sweet tooth.

Oyaki from Top
Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-
Crispy Dough
Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-
Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-

I ate the mayocheese (マヨチーズ) after taking the chocolate. The mayocheese was mixed the mayonnaise with cheese and dried green laver, and the salty taste was like Okonomiyaki. I was not familiar with the taste, but it was so tasty. I had my standard oyaki, the custard cream flavor, finally. Sticky sweetness healed my fatigue. I will eat a hamburger steak flavor and a bean jam flavor the next time, and achieve all conquest. Thanks for the tasty Oyaki!

Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-
Custard Cream
Imagawa-yaki Cakes -Hiranaka in Sapporo-
Parking lot Parking is provided (2 Cars)
Business hours 10:00-18:00
Regular closing day Sunday and National holidays
Telephone number +81-11-821-2645
Home page Home page is this
Mapcode 9 525 083*25

A page of Sapporo is here




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