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Handsome-Yaki with Dandy Face -Handsome Shokudo in Date-

October 30th, 2014

Handsome Shokudo (ハンサム食堂) is a fast food restaurant in Date city located in the northwestern part of Muroran city. I heard about this restaurant from Ms. Tani, and I visited here. There is the fast food restaurant at roadside station "Date-Rekishi-no-Mori". * Arcs Shopping Center nearby the roadside station has the fast food restaurant, too. It is Handsome-yaki (ハンサム焼き * Japanese-style pancake filled with bean jam) that I want to eat at the Handsome Shokudo. The Handsome-yaki has 3 kinds of flavor, bean jam flavor (あんこ味), custard cream flavor (クリーム味) and seasonanl flavor (季節の味). Because I was full, I ordered the signature tastes, the bean jam taste and the custard cream taste. The price was JPY 80 per one.

Appearance of Store
Handsome-yaki -Handsome Shokudo in Date-
Menu. There Is Cool Hansom, too!
Handsome-yaki -Handsome Shokudo in Date-

I ate those at the break space in front of the fast food restaurant. The Japanese muffins of around 4 cm in height appeared when I took them out a paper sack. Handsome faces stood out at the surface. It is an origin of Handsome as follows, puns and feeble jokes, Date of Date city --> Date (dandy) Guy --> Handsome, and it will be changing. I have a good feeling to a slightly foolish and handsome face which resembled a comic character of "Utsurundesu (うつるんです)" drawn by Mr. Sensha Yoshida (吉田戦車). If it is this size, I might eat about 10 handsome-yaki. If the name of Handsome spreads all over world, Date city may turn into Handsome city.


Handsome Guys
Handsome-yaki -Handsome Shokudo in Date-
Handsome-yaki with Custard Cream Taste
Handsome-yaki -Handsome Shokudo in Date-
Custard Cream
Handsome-yaki -Handsome Shokudo in Date-
Handsome-yaki with Bean Jam Taste
Handsome-yaki -Handsome Shokudo in Date-
Bean Jam
Handsome-yaki -Handsome Shokudo in Date-
Parking lot Parking lot is provided (140 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-18:00
Regular closing day 12/31-1/4
Telephone number +81-142-22-7655
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 159 780 134*41



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