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[Furano Jam Garden in Furano] Hot and Cold Croissant Crema Catalana Rainbow

July 26th, 2018

Furano Jam Garden

Furano Jam Garden (ふらのジャム園) is a popular jam shop run by Kyosai Farm corp. (共済農場) in Rokugo, Furano city, and is near Rokugo Forest (麓郷の森). Mrs. Yoshiko Okubo (大久保 嘉子) called a jam auntie is a company president, and has opened the shop since 1986. The Furano Jam Garden is well-known for serving noted jam without adding water. Anpanman Shop Rokugo Branch (アンパンマンショップ麓郷店) and Rokugo Observation Deck (麓郷展望台) are also built at the site, and here is famous as a tourist attraction. About 300,000 visitors come. Jam Sampling Area (試食コーナー), Jam Auntie's Sweets Studio Rita (ジャムおばさんのスイーツ工房Rita), Aozora Terrace (青空☆テラス), a resting place and a restroom are on the 1st floor, and a resting room is on the 2nd floor, too. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge.

Furano Jam Garden
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-
Anpanman Shop
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-
Parking Lot
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-

At the Jam Sampling Area, about 38 types of the jam and processing of agricultural products can be sampled, and those are sold, too. In addition, visitors can have a charged jam making experience at Jam Making Class (ジャム作り体験教室). At the Jam Auntie's Sweets Studio Rita, sweets and drinks are served, and light meals such as curry and rice or hot dog and drinks are served at the Aozora Terrace. Everybody can take a rest at the resting places on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor freely.

Jam Tasting
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-
Resting Place on 2nd Floor
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-
Resting Place on 1nd Floor
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-

Movie of Furano Jam Garden

Rokugo Observation Deck

Rokugo Observation Deck (麓郷展望台) is a viewing platform on a small hill of about 500 m elevation in Furano Jam Garden (ふらのジャム園), Rokugo, Furano city, and is located in the innermost part of the Rokugo. Here is known as a good place to view Rokugo Field, and has been chosen as one of 100 Selections of Beautiful Japanese Village Landscape (美しい日本のむら景観百選). In addition, here also was a shooting place for a famous drama, "From the North Country (北の国から)". Visitors can reach the viewing platform through an one-way paved road by cars, and can go up on foot, too. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here


Lavender Field and Bride
Rokugo Observation Deck in Furano

Furano and Biei

Furano region (富良野) and Biei region (美瑛) are located in the center of Hokkaido, and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hokkaido at present. 2 million tourists visit to savor lavenders, shooting places of "From the north country (北の国から)" that is famous Japanese television drama in the Furano and hills of the Biei. Blue Pond (青い池) and Shirahige Falls (白ひげの滝) in Shirogane (白金) has been became famous recently, and charms add to the Biei and the Furano as the popular tourist attractions more and more, and those region are receiving increased attention throughout the country and overseas country. It is one of characteristics that various colors can be enjoyed in the Furano and the Biei. Article is here

Scenery Of Biei
Furano Biei

Croissant Crema Catalana Rainbow

I visited the Jam Auntie's Sweets Studio Rita around 13:00 on a weekday. Since I was already there, I wanted to eat sweets using noted jam, so I asked a shop clerk about shop's recommendation, and she replied to me "That is Croissant Crema Catalana Rainbow (クロワッサンカタラーナ レインボー)". It was limited edition, so I felt that it was special, and ordered it. The price was JPY 550.

Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-

The Croissant Crema Catalana Rainbow was a cold crema catalana topped with 5 types of different color jam sandwiched between hot flaky croissant, and the colorful jam depicted a rainbow.

Croissant Crema Catalana Rainbow
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-

I went to the resting room on the 2nd floor, and decided to eat it immediately. The sweets with hotness and coldness have a different mouthfeel, flaky and chewy, and it was very interesting. Egg taste of the crema catalana was very rich, and a conbination of it and sweet jam was good. I was satisfied. Thanks for the tasty sweets!

5 Types of Jam
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-
Crema Catalana and Jam
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-
Sweets -Furano Jam Garden in Furano-
Parking lot Free parking is provided (200 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-17:30
Regular closing day New Year's holiday
Telephone number +81-167-29-2233
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 550 803 172*42

List of Activities

Jam Making Experience can be enjoyed at the Furano Jam Garden. Refer to following websites for the activities. You can get information regarding online reviews and photos.

Jam Making Experience

Furano Jam Garden(ふらのジャム園)

A page of Biei and Furano is here

Biei and Furano



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