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[Fujimiya in Ishikari] Handemade Fluffy Bean-jam Pancake Is Noted Product in Hamamasu

May 13th, 2016


Fujimiya Seika (ふじみや製菓) is a famous confectionary store founded in 1969 in Hamamasu ward, Ishikari city located in the northeastern part of Sapporo city, and is run by Fujimiya Seika Corp. (有限会社ふじみや製菓). Mr. Isao Oda (小田 功) is a company president. Their handmade bean-jam pancake (手焼きどら焼き) and chuka manju (中華まんじゅう) are famous for large size, and the bean-jam pancake is called a local speciality in the Hamamasu. The bean-jam pancake is sold depending on hours by demonstrating customers, and fresh and hot bean-jam pancake can be eaten. Sobadokoro Fujimiya (そば処 富士味屋) also open a business at the building, and serve homemade buckwheat noodles, ramen, rice bowls and so on.

Appearance of Building
Bean-jam Pancake -Fujimiya in Ishikari-
Bean-jam Pancake Is Sold Depending on Hours by Demonstrating Customers
Bean-jam Pancake -Fujimiya in Ishikari-

The appearance of the building with steel frames stand out, and it is desinged by Asai Architectural Design Office (浅井建築設計事務所) in the Sapporo. A Japanese confectionary sales place and a restaurant are at the building, so it is large. I guess that a place for custmers to enjoy foods and drinks is not provided at the Japanese confectionary sales place.

Movie of Fujimiya

Bean-jam Pancake

I visited here around 11:30 on a weekday. The bean-jam pancake was sold at the entrance of the building, so I bought one per JPY 162. Unfortunately, the bean-jam pancake was not sold by demonstrating customers at that time, and I wanted to eat a freshly made hot bean-jam pancake. Other customers bought bean-jam pancakes with a box, and there was no doubt that it was a noted product in the Hamamasu.


Hamamasu Beachfront Park
Bean-jam Pancake -Fujimiya in Ishikari-

Then I went to Hamamasu Coast Park (浜益海浜公園) near the Fujimiya, and decided to eat my bean-jam pancake there. Wheat produced in Hokkaido was used in the fluffy pancakes. It had just right sweetness, and was tasty! Smashed sweet red beans produced in the Hokkaido was sandwiched between the pancakes. It was just Dorayaki (どら焼き). I wanted to eat it again. Thanks for the tasty Bean-jam Pancake!

Fluffy Pancakes
Bean-jam Pancake -Fujimiya in Ishikari-
Smashed Sweet Red Beans Produced in Hokkaido
Bean-jam Pancake -Fujimiya in Ishikari-
Bean-jam Pancake -Fujimiya in Ishikari-
Parking lot A free parking is provided (30 cars)
Business hours 09:00-17:00
Regular closing day Wednesday (July and August open everyday)
Telephone number +81-133-79-2303
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 794 602 001*05



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