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Sour Taste Various Fruits Tart -Forest of Shikisha Fleur Blanc Head Office in Tomakomai-

April 19th, 2014

Fleur Blanc Head Office (フルールブラン本店) is a popular sweets bakery shop run by Shikisha (四季舎) in Tomakomai city. Originally Shikisha was a company dealt with a mail order, but they welcomed Mr. Yasuhiko Sato (佐藤康彦), famous patissier, to their company and produced sweets seriously. He won the grand prix in the first Sapporo sweets competition (第1回さっぽろスイーツコンペティション) with "Sapporo, Strawberry Tart (さっぽろ・いちごタルト)". I was looking forward to eating their sweets.

Appearance of Building
Various Fruit Tart -Fleur Blanc in Toamakomai-

A building was made of stylish bricks. There was a courtyard, too. There was the building far from downtown, but it was full of visitors. Other visitors bought breads, but I went to buy sweets. At this shop, sweets and bread were divided definitely.


Various Fruit
Various Fruit Tart -Fleur Blanc in Toamakomai-

When I asked a waitress about shop's recommendation, she replied "Tart is sold well". I planned to buy a tart with full of fruits (果実いっぱいタルト). The price was JPY 294. Because there was a place for customers to enjoy foods and drinks at the building, I went there to eat it. It was tasty, and it was not too sweet and had just right sour. While I ate it, visitors came one after another. This was popular shop after all.

Full of Fruits Tart From Top
Various Fruit Tart -Fleur Blanc in Toamakomai-
Sour Taste
Various Fruit Tart -Fleur Blanc in Toamakomai-
Parking lot Parking is provided (50 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-19:00
Regular closing day Third Tuesday
Telephone number +81-144-68-5888
Home page The home page is this
Mapcode 545 449 178*48

A page of Tomakomai is this




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