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Sweet Potato Cake with Balanced Sweetness -Cranberry in Obihiro Head Office-

December 2nd, 2015

Cranberry (クランベリー) is a long-established western confectionery shop in Obihiro city and was founded in 1972. Their former name was Andersen (アンデルセン), and it is more widely accepted. Sweet potato cakes (スイートポテト) have been famous and have been known as local specialty sweets of Obihiro. Yomitan Soft Serve Ice Cream (読谷ソフトクリーム) is famous, too.

Appearance of Building
Sweet Potato Pie -Cranberry in Obihiro-

I visited here around 12:00 on weekdays. A sunny building was feeling good. Many customers came one after the other and bought a sweet potato cake. A place for customers to enjoy foods and drinks is also at the shop. Therefore I ordered a sweet potato cake set. This set includes a slice of the sweet potato cake and beverage of my choice. I chose a coffee. The pice is JPY 450.

Look of Western Confectionery Shop
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-
Sweet Potato Cake
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-

About 8 minutes later, the sweet potato set was served. The browned surface made me hungry. I understood that a sweet potato, a custard cream, a peel of sweet potato were divided into 3 layers from the side. I had a sip at once. The sweet potato part was slightly sweet and the custard cream part was very sweet, those were a balanced taste. By the way, a large sweet potato cake can be taken away. It may be pleased with a souvenir because this sweet potato cake is famous for large.


Sweet Potato Cake from Top
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-
Slice of Sweet Potato Cake. 2 Layers of Custard Cream and Baked Sweet Potato.
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-
Baked Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-
Custard Cream
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-
Back Is Peel of Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Cake -Cranberry in Obihiro-
Parking lot Parking is provided (6 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-21:00
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-155-22-6656
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 124 624 742*25

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