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Strawberry Juice of Senkakobo and Biei-no-Rusk of Komugisenka -Bieisenka in biei-

July 15th, 2015

Bieisenka (美瑛選果) is a local speciality shop run by JA Biei (JA美瑛) in Biei town located in the southern part of Asahikawa city. There are Senkaichiba (選果市場) that visitors can buy fresh vegetables, Senkakobo (選果工房) that the visitors can enjoy sweets and light meals, Restraunt ASPERGES (レストラン・アスペルジュ) that the vititors can enjoy vegetables of French cuisine and Komugikobo (小麦工房) that the visitors can purchase rusk at Bieisenka (びえいのラスク), and each buildings are stylish. Osamu Suzuki atelier (鈴木理アトリエ) designed the buildings.

Appearance of Building
Bieisenka in Biei

Fresh ingredients and good taste become popular and Bieisenka is used as a break spot of Biei sightseeing. Many visitors including oversea people came on that day. There were many appetizing foods, but I bought a strawberry juice of Senkakobo and a Biei-no-Rusk of Komugikobo with the popularity in particular. As for the price, the former is JPY 360, and the latter is JPY 515.

Strawberry Juice
Bieisenka in Biei
Bieisenka in Biei

The strawberry juice is handmade in front of our eyes after ordering. Because a syrup was poured into the strawberry juice, I thought that it was too sweet, but it was not so. It had a sour taste and was so good! In addition, the rusk was crunchy. A butter taste was tasty, and sweetness was just right, too. The rusk comes from bread which is baked twice, and it features a crunchy texture. The rusk was actually made with a rest bread, but the perfect plant equipment which produced the rusk was completed. The visitors can observe the plant through glass from outside.


Strawberry Juice from Top
Bieisenka in Biei
Strawberry Juice from Bottom
Bieisenka in Biei
I See Rusk from Front
Bieisenka in Biei
I See Rusk from Side
Bieisenka in Biei
Parking lot Free parking is provided (40 Cars)
Business hours 10:00-19:00
Regular closing day Wednesday * From July to August: Open every day.
Telephone number +81-166-92-4400
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Mapcode 389 010 510*06

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