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Sukiyaki of Home Cooking is Used Pork in Hokkaido

March 27th, 2014

Sukiyaki is a hot pot cooking with boiled thinly sliced beef and vegetables, and we mix it with beaten egg and eat it. Every Japanese knows one of the hot pot cooking. Originally, it is said to be a beginning of sukiyaki that farmers cooked a dish using a plow (* Plae means suki in Japanese language) of a agricultural machinery as a substitute for an iron plate in the Edo period. * Grilled means Yaki in Japanese language. Suki + Yaki = Sukiyaki. In the Meiji period, beef came to be eaten in earnest under an influence of Europe and America. Common people seemed to eat beef in secret till then because it was forbidden to eat the meat by the Edo Shogunate.

Beef Sukiyaki
Sukiyaki -Asari Head Office in Hakodate-

Kanto-style Sukiyaki and Kansai-style Sukiyaki are different from each other, too. The beef is boiled in Kanto-style, whereas the beef is boiled after grilling beef in Kansai-style. I think that the sukiyaki of Hokkaido is similar to Kansai-style Sukiyaki, but it may be different by each home. In addition, pork is often used in Hokkaido. This is because the beef was expensive in old days. In Hokkaido, a culture has taken root to eat the pork like Pork Rice Bowl and Muroran Yakitori.


How to Cook Kanto-Style Sukiyaki

How to Cook Kansai-Style Sukiyaki

By the way, my family takes broth from burdocks, kombu, small dried sardines, dried shiitake mashroom and seasons soup with sugar, menmi(Japanese soup base), salt and soy sauce. Ingredients are Chinese cabbages, green onions, noodles made from devil’s tongue starch, mushrooms, tofu and the pork. It is a light taste that there is different from Kanto-style Sukiyaki. But it is very tasty because it has strong Umami.



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