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Spakatsu Combine Spaghetti with Pork Cutlet Is Rich Taste -Restaurant Izumiya Head Office in Kushiro-

July 6th, 2014

Restaurant Izumiya (レストラン泉屋) is a long-established restaurant in Suehiro-cho, Kushiro city and was founded in 1958. It has about half a century history. Izumiya is famous for Spakatsu (スパカツ * Spaghetti and Pork Cutlet). The Spakatsu is a dish that meat sauce spaghetti is topped with pork cutlets. The feature is that an iron plate pan is used in substitution for the dish. This is piping hot iron plate pan, and visitors can enjoy the hot meal till the last. Kushiro has less snow in Hokkaido, but hot dishes would be demanded by people because wind is cold.

Appearance of Building
Spakatsu(Spaghetti and Cutlet) -Restaurant Izumiya in Kushiro-

I visited here to eat the Spakatsu around 16:00 on weekdays. The restraunt had an atomosphere such as a good old local restraunt. There were many tables, so family customers seem to enjoy and 2 groups of vsisitors came at that time. I sat at the table and ordered the Spakatsu. The price is JPY 900.

Spaghetti and Cutlet from Top
Spakatsu(Spaghetti and Cutlet) -Restaurant Izumiya in Kushiro-

Approximately 15 minutes later, the Spakatsu was served. I ate the pork cutlet at once. It was not oily than it looked, and the taste was not too rich oily, too. Meat sauce went well with the pork cutlet, it was tasty! The spaghetti with an adequate hardness was good, too. In addition, it is the amount of dish not to have to forget. This is a meal for one person. When I asked a waitress, she replied "Menu has a large serving of spaghetti and por cutlet and extra large serving of those on not officially menu".


Piping Hot Spaghetti and Cutlet!
Spakatsu(Spaghetti and Cutlet) -Restaurant Izumiya in Kushiro-
Spakatsu(Spaghetti and Cutlet) -Restaurant Izumiya in Kushiro-
Spakatsu(Spaghetti and Cutlet) -Restaurant Izumiya in Kushiro-

Spakatsu (Spaghetti and Cutlet) and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Spakatsu (Spaghetti and Cutlet)

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Business hours 11:00-21:30
Regular closing day Monthly a Tuesday
Telephone number +81-154-24-4611
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