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Shishamo Smelt Sushi Can Be Eaten only from October to November -Ono Shoten in Mukawa-

October 16th, 2014

Kanedai Ono Shoten (カネダイ大野商店) is a shishamo smelt processing store in Mukawa town located in the southeast part of Tomakomai city and was founded in 1923. It is famous for eating a shishamo smelt not capelin. My friend recommended me to eat the shishamo smelt sushi (ししゃも寿司) at this time, and I visited here.

Appearance of Building
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-
Dried Shishamo Smelt
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-

The shishamo smelt sushi is a time-limited sushi that customers can eat only from October to November. Many visitors come from all over Japan during a weekend. The customers have to buy a meal ticket via a ticket vendor at this store. I purchased 8 pieces of shishamo smelt sushi for JPY 1000. The customers can roast a dried shishamo smelt as well as sushi and can eat it. * The shishamo smelt is poor lately, and the price of shishamo smelt rises greatly.

JPY 1000 per 8 Pieces
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-

The store had an atomosphere such as a typical market restraunt and were so large. There were many tables and family customers seem to enjoy. I sat at the table, approximately 10 minutes later, the shishamo smelt sushi was served. I ask a waitress how to eat, she replied "You can dip the sushi in soy sauce or salt and Japanese pepper (塩山椒)". At first I dipped the sushi in the soy sauce and ate it. A taste was very light, and a sweetness spreaded over in my mouth faintly. Oborozuki that Takada farm produced in Mukawa town was used rice base of the sushi. The sweetness might be the sweetness of the rice.


Shishamo Smelt Sushi from Top
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-
White Flesh on White Rice
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-
Back of Fish
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-

I dripped the sushi in the salt and Japanese pepper successively and ate it. It was spicy and was tasty. I like the salt and Japanese pepper. It is a tasty dish for a person loving the light taste. However, the taste may be too light for the person loving the rich taste.

Salt and Japanese Pepper
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-
Tasty Sushi with Salt and Japanese Pepper
Shishamo Smelt Sushi -Ohno Shoten in Mukawa-

Mukawa's Dried Shishamo Smelt is found on Amazon.

Shishamo Smelt Sushi and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Shishamo Smelt Sushi

Parking lot Parking is provided (40 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-17:00
Regular closing day No regular closing day (From January to April: Sunday)
Telephone number +81-145-42-2468
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 455 261 799*58



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