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Very Fresh Seafood Rice Bowl with Crunchy Texture -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-

August 18th, 2014

Marutomi Shokudo (まるとみ食堂) is a popular restaurant in Monbetsu city located in the eastern part of Asahikawa city. Marutomi Watanabe fishery runs it, and there is a fishery store at same building, too. Tasty seafood has high reputation, and it was recommended by my friend.

Appearance of Building
Seafood Rice Bowl -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-

I visited here around 11:00, it was already full. A waitress said that I can enter if I wait for approximately 20 minutes. I decided to wait. Meanwhile, I sat at a seat for waiting and read a menu at an entrance. Everything looked tasty. I was having trouble deciding "Salmon Roe Rice Bowl" or "Seafood Rice Bowl", but I decided to eat "Seafood Rice Bowl". A night menu looked tasty, too. There were some tables and family customers seem to enjoy. Approximately 20 minutes later, I entered the restarunt and sat at a counter seat at an annex and ordered the seafood rice bowl (海鮮丼). Approximately 10 minutes later, the seafood rice bowl was served. The price was JPY 1,600.

Seafood Rice Bowl, Freshwater Clam Miso Soup, Pickled Radish
Seafood Rice Bowl -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-

Ingredients were a sweet prawn, surf clam, a scallop, seriola purpurascen, salmon, salmon roe, flying fish roe and etc. Contents of combo were the seafood rice bowl, a bowl of freshwater clam miso soup and a dish of pickled radishes. It looked gorgeous and tasty. I ate the seafood at once. The seafood had crunchy texture and seemed to be very fresh. It was very tasty. By the way, a poster was put on a wall at the restaurant and Ms. Kumiko Takeda took office as a scallop campaign girl in Monbetsu city.


Shiny Salmon Roe
Seafood Rice Bowl -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-
Fleshy Scallop
Seafood Rice Bowl -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-
Approximately 5cm Sweet Prawns
Seafood Rice Bowl -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-
Seriola Purpurascens
Seafood Rice Bowl -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-
Dropped by Marutomi
Seafood Rice Bowl -Marutomi Shokudo in Monbetsu-

Seafood Rice Bowl and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Seafood Rice Bowl

Parking lot Parking is provided (16 Cars)
Business hours 11:30-22:00
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-158-24-1188
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 401 358 844*41



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