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[Misaki in Shakotan] Too Tasty Fresh Sea Urchin Rice Bowl

June 15th, 2015


Oshokuji-dokoro Misaki (お食事処みさき) is a long-established restaurant founded in 1973 in Shakotan town located in the northern part of Shakotan Peninsula, and is near Shimamui Coast (島武意海岸) and Shakotan Onsen (積丹温泉). A restaurant owner is a fisherman, so visitors can enjoy fresh seafood dishes. They open a business only during summer season (from late April to October). Because fresh sea urchin can be eaten from mid June when the sea urchin fishing is released, visitors increase. The Misaki is a popular restaurant that a line is expected.

Appearance of Building
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl -Misaki in Shakotan-

The restaurant on the 1st floor of a 2 story building like a guest house minshuku is large. The interior decoration looks like sushi restaurant or local seafood restaurant, and a home aquarium is provided. All seats are table seats, so I guess that even family customers enjoy meals. The restaurant is sometimes crowded with customers before opening time.

Look of Restraunt
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl -Misaki in Shakotan-

Shimamui Coast

Shimamui Coast (島武意海岸) is a superb coast chosen as "100 Best Beaches in Japan (日本の渚・百選)" in Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-national Park, and is one of 3 major tourist attractions together with Cape Kamui (神威岬) and Cape Ogorn (黄金岬) in the Shakotan Peninsula. Shimamui means "Rocky inlet" in Ainu language. A public restroom, a public drinking fountain and a restraunt named Rinko (鱗晃) are built around a public parking lot. A restraunt and a souvenir shop are at the building, and seafood rice bowls or a soft serve ice cream can be eaten. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

I Look over Shimamui Coast
Shakotan Peninsula Shimamui Coast

Shakotan Onsen

Shakotan Onsen (積丹温泉) in Shakotan town is a hot-spring place at the tip of Shakotan Peninsula, and Misaki-no-Yu Shakotan (岬の湯しゃこたん) beside Nozuka Primary School (野塚小学校) is built on a hill at 43 m above sea level. There are Cape Kamui (神威岬) and Shimamui Coast (島武意海岸) that are representative famous sightseeing spots of Hokkaido around the Shakotan Onsen. Nozuka Campsite (野塚野営場) is close to the Shakotan Onsen, too. The Cape Shakotan is famous for Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (ウニ丼), and is well-known for tasty sea food, too. Misaki (みさき), Nakamuraya (中村屋), Rinko (鱗晃) and Rinko-so (鱗晃荘) are popular in particular. Unfortunately, convenience stores are not built. Nonstop buses do not run from the Shakotan Onsen to Sapporo or Otaru. Article is here

Open-air Bath for Women (Source: Shiribeshi i-net)
Shakotan Onsen Misaki-no-Yu Shakotan

Shakotan Peninsula

Shakotan Peninsula (積丹半島) is a peninsula located in the northwestern part of Otaru city, and has been designated as Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park (ニセコ積丹小樽海岸国定公園) because of a precious complicated coastline with steep cliffs. The sea of the Shakotan is very beautiful, and looks clear blue, so everybody call Shakotan Blue (シャコタンブルー). A traffic used to be inconvenient in the old days, and tourists rarely visited here. People are easy to access the Shakotan Peninsula as well as Shiretoko Peninsula (知床半島) at present, but it is called an unexplored region because it would not develop very much. Article is here


Shimamui Coast from Cape Kamui
Shakotan Peninsula

Sea Urchin Rice Bowl

Since thir opening hour was 09:00, I visited here around 08:40, and 6 groups of visitors had already lined up. * That opening hour was old. It was really popular after all. I entered it, and sat at a table seat, and read a menu. Short-spined Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (赤ばふんウニ丼) was best recommended, and it was limited to 20 dishes a day, and the price was JPY 3950. But I hesitated to spend so much money on the Short-spined Sea Urchin Rice Bowl. So I ordered Purple Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (ムラサキウニのウニ丼). The price was JPY 2450.

Rice Covered with Purple Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl -Misaki in Shakotan--

About 10 minutes later, the rice bowl was served with a bowl of miso soup and a dish of pickles. White rice was covered with dried laver, and that was closely covered with purple sea urchin. A color conbination of orange sea urchin and a green shiso leaf was beautiful, and sharpened my appetite. Wasabi was on a small dish, so I poured soy sauce in it, and mixed the wasabi with the soy sauce with chopsticks. Then I poured it in the sea urchin rice bowl, and ate it immediately. It was melty in my mouth, and tasted a good sea urchin flavor. It was tasty! The fresh sea urchin was an exquisite food.

Sea Urchin Rice Bowl, Miso Soup and Pickled Radish Combo Meal
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl -Misaki in Shakotan-
Purple Sea Urchin, Dried Laver and Rice
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl -Misaki in Shakotan-

While I was eating the sea urchin, customers entered the restraunt one after another, and ordered the Short-spined Sea Urchin Rice Bowl. It was popular after all. I became close to a visitor that came from Omiya city, Saitama prefecture, and he seemed to line up at 06:30. He seemed to eat the purple sea urchin to compare a taste of the short-spined sea urchin with the purple sea urchin, too. Then the taste of the short-spined sea urchin seemed to stand out. He did not seem to have eaten so tasty sea urchin. I have a little bit of regret that I should have eaten the short-spined sea urchin rice bowl. Anyway, Thanks for the tasty meal!

Purple Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl -Misaki in Shakotan-

Sea Urchin Rice Bowl and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Sea Urchin Rice Bowl

Parking lot Free parking is provided (20 Cars)
Business hours 09:30-15:30
Regular closing day 1st Wednesday and 3rd Wednesday *They close a business from November to late April
Telephone number +81-135-45-6547
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 932 686 335*10

A page of Shakotan Peninsula is here

Shakotan Peninsula



  1. good! hokkaido! says:

    Hi, Gray san,
    You are welcome!
    I am glad that you had a good time with it.

  2. Gary says:

    We visited the restaurant thanks to your recommendations!
    It was one of the best uni I have ever eaten. Thanks so much.
    Sorry we thanked to so much later.



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