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Miso Ramen with Heaping Cut Green Onions -Kiraito in Sapporo-

April 15th, 2014

Kiraito (喜来登) is a long-established ramen restaurant in Tanukikoji (狸小路), Chuo ward, Sapporo city. The ramen restaurant has a Japanese good old atmosphere, and many entertainer signed autographed cards and ramen bowls are displayed in front of counter seats. Originally Kiraito started as a ramen restaurant branch of Itosue (糸末) which was a pioneer ramen restaurant of miso broth ramen. They became independent afterwards. In that kind of meaning, their ramen will inherit a tradition of the Sapporo miso broth ramen.

Appearance of Building
Miso Broth Ramen -Kiraito in Sapporo-
Shop Curtain
Miso Broth Ramen -Kiraito in Sapporo-
Entertainer Signed Autographed Cards and Ramen Bowls
Miso Broth Ramen -Kiraito in Sapporo-

I sat at a counter seat and ordered the most popular miso broth ramen (味噌ラーメン). The price was JPY 700. Approximately 10 minutes later, the miso broth ramen was served. The soup was light taste and mild. It seemed to be much salt, and I felt salty. Ingredients were green onions, ground meat, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. After all, a large serving of cut green onions were characteristic. This ramen was likely to be around 30 cm in height from the top of the cut green onions to the bottom. Of course I want green onion ramen lovers to eat it.


Large Serving of Cut Green Onions!
Miso Broth Ramen -Kiraito in Sapporo-

Miso Broth Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Miso Broth Ramen

Parking lot Parking is not provided
Business hours 11:30-22:30
Regular closing day Thursday
Telephone number +81-11-242-6070
Home page home page is not provided
Mapcode 9 492 490*66

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