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Doro Ramen with Rich Soup Is Very Tasty -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-

February 15th, 2016

Darumaya Ramen (だるまやラーメン) is a chain ramen restraunt in the suburbs of Sapporo. Abashiri Branch started a business in 2010. I decided to visit here because this ramen restraunt received a high evaluation on the Tabelog (食べログ). There is a building near Abashiri Civic Hall (網走市民会館).

Appearance of Building
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-

I visited here around 13:00 on weekdays. The ramen restraunt was almost full. There are some tables and family customers seem to enjoy. I sat at a counter seat and read a menu. I found the Doro Ramen, and this seems to be best recommended specialty. It is a strange name (Doro means mud in English), and I am curious about this menu. I ordered the Doro Ramen with a large serving of noodles. The price was JPY 830. While wainig for the ramen, some customers came to the ramen restraunt one after another. They are really popular.

Doro Ramen
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-

Approximately 12 minutes later, the Doro Ramen (ドロラーメン) with a large serving of noodles was served. This ramen was soy sauce ramen type, but it did not look so. I ate a sip of soup at once. It tasted pork bone soup mixed soy sauce and had a rich taste, I did not feel too salty and felt mild. Surely the soup was Tasty!


Tasty Soup
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-
Roasted Pork Fillet
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-
Bamboo Shoot
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-
Boiled Egg
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-
Dried Laver
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-

Noodles were chewy egg noodles with approximately 30 cm in length like Sapporo Ramen indeed. I am not sure that Marunaka Making-Noodles Factory or Making-Noodles Factory in Abashiri made the noodles. Other customers ordered a fried chicken, too, and this seems to be popular.

Egg Noodles
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-
Rich Taste Soup
Doro Ramen -Darumaya Abashiri Branch-

Doro Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Doro Ramen

Parking lot Free parking is provided (3 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-22:00
Regular closing day Fisrt Monday
Telephone number +81-152-44-7877
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 305 677 048*13



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