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[Urasato in Matumae] Matsumae Sanshoku Rice Bowls Fulled with Tuna

May 8th, 2014


Wafu Restaurant Urasato (和風レストラン 浦里) is a Japanese-style restaurant in Mastumae town located in the southwestern part of Hakodate city, and is near Mastumae Castle (松前城). Urasto corp. runs it, and Mr. Hitoshi Onishi (大西 仁) is a company president. They also manage Shokuji-dokoro Jin (食事処 仁), a sister restaurant, and Matsumae Onsen Rest Center. The president used to be a sumo wrestler called "Mtasukiyama (松城山)", and Sumo Wrestler's Stew (Chankonabe) is a noted dish, too. In addition, Matsumae Ramen (松前ラーメン) planned by by TV Program "TV Champion Ramen Master Championship" has a good reputation, too. Surprisingly, their ramen bases on ramen cooked by Mr. Shigemi Kawahara (河原 成美), the founder of Hakata Ippudo (博多一風堂) and the champion. The Urasato also is well-known for serving Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowls (松前マグロ三色丼) using a tuna, Matsumae noted product.

Appearance of Entrance
Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowlss -Urasato-

The restaurant on the 1st floor of a 2 story building is not so large. The appearance and the interior decoration have Japanese style, so I guess that Sumo font looks good on the restaurant. Counter seats, table seats and small separate Japanese style rooms are provided, so I guess that even family customers may enjoy meals.


Matsumae (松前) that about 7,000 people live is the 76th largest fishery town in Hokkaido, and is locateed in the southwestern part of Hakodate city. It takes about 90 minutes from the Hakodate to the Matsumae by a car. The Matsumae has Cape Shirakami (白神岬), the southernmost tip of the Hokkaido, and is well-known as the southernmost town in the Hokkaido, and used to prosper as the center of Matsumae Domain (松前藩), and is famous for ever beeing the only castle town in the Hokkaido. It has appeared since 1400's in Japanese's history, and has uniquely long history in the Hokkaido. The Matsumae used to flourish for catch of herring, but Tuna fishing is famous at present, and the tuna is one of local specialities. As for a climate, it is comfortable, and the average temperature is about 10 C. It is cold in a summer, and it does not snow very much. Article is here

Mastumae Castle
Mastumae Castle

Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowls

I visited here around 14:00 on a weekday. The restaurant was not crowded. I sat a table seat, and ordered the Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowls. The price was JPY 1300.


Tempura Rice Bowl, Grated Yam and Tuna Rice Bowl, Salad Rice Bowl, Glue Plant Miso Soup and Matsumae Pickles
Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowls -Urasato-

The Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowls is a local rice bowl set meal using Matsumae foods. * The Maguro means Tuna in Japanese, and the Sanshoku refers to 3 types. 3 restaurants in the Matsumae serve it. Speaking of the Tuna, Oma town in Aomori prefecture is famous in Japan, but the tuna is also caught in the Matsumae locaed in Oma town across Tsugaru Strait. The content of the dish is 3 types of tuna dishes, glue plant miso soup and matsumae pickles. The tuna dishes are different depending on the restaurants. The Urasato served "Tempura Rice Bowl (天丼)", "Grated Yam and Tuna Rice Bowl (山かけ丼)" and "Salad Rice Bowl (サラダ丼)". I was interested in the Salad Rice Bowl in particular. Wasabi seemed to be contained, and it tasted pungent peppery spicy. I guessed that the taste went well with sake, so I want to eat it with drinks. Thanks for the tasty meals!

Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowls -Urasato-
Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowls -Urasato-
Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowlss -Urasato-

Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowlss and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Matsumae Maguro Sanshoku Rice Bowlss

Parking lot Parking is provided (15 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-17:00
Regular closing day Wednesday
Telephone number +81-139-42-2158
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 862 058 441*37

A page of Matsumae is here




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