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Salmon Roe Rice Bowl, Side Dishes and Funori Miso Soup Are Tasty! -Kafuka in Rebun-

September 7th, 2015

Kaisendokoro Kafuka (海鮮処かふか) is a seafood restaurant in Rebun Island. Kafuka fishery cooperative (香深漁協) runs it, and there is a building near Kafuka Port. It is popular for eating fresh seafood. I visited here around 11:00 on weekdays. A waitress asked me whether I grilled the seafood at first when I entered the restraunt. They seem to show me to a room of Japanese-style barbecue cooked in front of customers if I want to grill a sea urchin and an atka mackerel and eat those. But I wanted to eat a rice bowl, they showed me to my table at the restraunt. The restraunt was so large, and there were many tables and family customers seem to enjoy.

Appearance of Building
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-
Look of Restraunt
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-

I sat at a table and read a menu. A sea urchin rice bowl seemed to be popular, but I wanted to eat the sea urchin rice bowl in Rishiri, and I ordered Salmon Roe Rice Bowl (いくら丼). The price was JPY 1600. I could see a splendid scenery of Mt. Rishirifuji (利尻富士) and the Sea of Japan from my table. While looking at the splendid scenery, approximately 10 minutes later, the salmon roe rice bowl was served.

Visitors Can Look at Mt. Rishirifuji
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-

Contents of combo were the salmon roe rice bowl, a dish using burdock, a dish of shellfish seaweed with vinegared miso dressing and a bowl of funori (布海苔) miso soup. I ate several salmon roe at once. Those were thick and had rich taste and Umami. It was more tasty when I ate salmon roe with rice! Once I ate, I could not stop. The side dishes and the funori miso soup were very good, too, and I was very satisfied.


Salmon Roe Rice Bowl from Top
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-
Salmon Roe on Rice
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-
Dish Using Burdock
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-
Shellfish Seaweed with Vinegared Miso Dressing
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-
Funori Miso Soup
Salmon Roe Rice Bowl -Kafuka in Rebun-

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Salmon Roe Rice Bowl and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Salmon Roe Rice Bowl

Parking lot -
Business hours 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00
Regular closing day From October 16 to April *From May to October 15 No closing day
Telephone number +81-163-86-1745
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 854 171 874*50

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