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[Rushin Onsen in Urahoro] Day Trip Bath and High Alkaline Hot Springs with Ph 9.8 in Hokkaido Can Be Enjoyed at Urahoro Rushin Onsen

Rushin Onsen

Rushin Onsen (留真温泉) is a hot spring place in Urahoro town located in the eastern direction of Obihiro city. The end of Hokkaido Road 947 is the Rushin Onsen, and it takes about 30 minutes from the center of the Urahoro to here by car. Only Urahoro Rushin Onsen (うらほろ留真温泉) is built at 100 m above sea level. The ground has been developed around a new building, so I think that visitors can not feel a secret onsen. There are Rushin-Sansaku-no-Mori (留真散策の森), art works and cottages near the building, and restraunts, cafes, souvenir shops and convenience stores are not built.

Art Work “Elevation” of Matthias Manor
Urahoro Rushin Onsen

It is the origin of the Rushin Onsen that local people found onsen known by Ainu people in 1901. After that, a hot spring inn was built in 1915, and owners have been changed several times, up to the present date. The onsen has been well-known for high alkaline hot springs since a very long time ago, and Ph is 9.8. As far as I know, the Rushin Onsen has the highest alkaline hot springs after Osoushi Onsen in Hokkaido.

Rushin Onsen

There are Otsu Beach that is famous for Jewelry Ice in Toyokoro, Kobukariishi Lookout (昆布刈石展望台) with a good view and dangerous in Urahoro and Ikeda Wine Castle (池田ワイン場) in Ikeda around the Urahoro. In addition, Happiness Dairy (ハッピネスデイリー) with tasty dairy products in Ikeda, Ukifune (浮舟) with a tasty pork steak and Buckwheat Noodles Restaurant Tajima (蕎麦屋のたじま) in Honbetsu, Asahido (朝日堂) that is famous for american donuts (non common american donuts) are relatively near the Rushin Onsen. By the way, nonstop buses do not run from Sapporo or New Chitose Airport to here, but a local bus runs between the center of Urahoro to the Rushin Onsen.

Rushin Onsen

Ikeda Wine Castle

Ikeda Wine Castle (池田ワイン城) in Ikeda town is located in the northeastern direction of Obihiro city. The official name is Tokachi-Ikeda Reseach Institute for Viticulture and Enology (池田町ブドウ・ブドウ酒研究所). Because appearance of a building resembles an European castle in the Middle Ages, it is called Wine Castle. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. There is DCTgarden IKEDA near the building, and items in relation to Ms. Miwa Yoshida (吉田美和 * Dreams Come True) from Ikeda town are displayed. Read More

Under Barrel Aging
Ikeda Wine Castle

Kobukariishi Lookout

Kobukariishi Lookout (昆布刈石展望台) is in Urahoro town located in the southeastern direction of Obihiro city and is a viewing spot that tourists can look over the Pacific from a hill at about 90 m above sea level. Because a rider whom I met at Horoyaknto Marsh (ホロカヤントー) recommended the Kobukariishi Lookout, I visited here. Read More

I Look at Coastline from Side
Urahoro, Kobukariishi Lookout

Jewelry Ice

Ices of Tokachi River (十勝川) were washed ashore in a winter, and I heard that it looked beautiful, I visited here. A place is the shore of Otsu (大津海岸) near the Otsu fishing port (大津漁港). There is not a mark in particular, too, but visitors will see the place because many cars stop when the visitors cross a small bridge. By the way, car number plates of Kyoto (京都), Nerima (練馬), and Kagoshima (鹿児島) came. Because there is not public transportation, it is necessary to come by a rental car or an own car. This splendid scenery can be seen in a cold winter, almost from mid January to early March. In addition, as for a restroom, the restroom seems to be opend for 24 hours at Otsu fishing port. Read More

Jewelry Ices Are Collected on Beach
Jewelry Ice in Toyokoro

Pork Steak of Ukifune

Ukifune (浮舟) is a popular restraunt in Honbetsu town located in the northeastern direction of Obihiro city. This restaurant is famous for large pork steak and placing in MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido 2012 Special Edition. Ms. Kon recommended this restraunt, so I visited here. Lunchtime is from 11:30 to 14:00 and dinnertime is from 17:00 to 19:00. It is a regular closing day on Sunday. Read More

Tender and Non Fatty Pork
Pork Steak -Ukifune in Honbetsu-

Happiness Dairy

Happiness Dairy (ハッピネスデーリィ) is a sweets and cheese shop in Ikeda town located in the northeastern direction of Obihiro city. They sell dairy products such a cheese, a pizza and a gelato. Shimaki ranch (嶋木牧場) runs it and sells their’s products. There was a building near Ikeda Wine Castle, and I happened to pass there by chance, too. Because many cars were parked at a parking lot, I thought that it must be tasty, I dropped in. Read More


Left is Lotus Cup Millefeuille, Right is Pumpkin Taste Gelato
Happiness Dairy in Ikeda, Pumpkin and Lotus Cup Gelato

List of Day Trip Onsen

The visitors can take a day trip bath only at the Urahoro Rushin Onsen. On the other hand, accommodations without taking a day trip bath is Urahoro Rushin Onsen Cottage.

Rushin Onsen

Urahoro Rushin Onsen

Urahoro Rushin Onsen is a hot spring facility for day trip onsen. A building was renewed in 2011. Kyoritsu Maintenance corp runs it at present. The appearance and the interior decoration are good, and I can not think that the hot spring facility is in a mountain. An entrance fee to a bath facility is JPY 500. A chartered bath is provided, too, and you need to make a reservation in advance. A restraunt and a shop are at the building, too, and a set of a meal with taking a bath is served for JPY 1000.

Appearance of Building
Urahoro Rushin Onsen

There are 1 open-air bath, 2 indoor baths, 1 cold bath and 1 sauna at a large public bathhouse. The sunny bathhouse with some windows is feeling good. The large indoor bath is the size that about 10 people can take a bath, and uses free flowing hot springs with 39 c. The small size indoor bath is the about 8 people can take a bath, and uses free flowing hot springs with 43 C

Indoor Bath (39 C Hot Springs)
Urahoro Rushin Onsen
Indoor Bath (43 C Hot Springs)
Urahoro Rushin Onsen
Open-air Bath from Indoor Bath Through Windows
Urahoro Rushin Onsen

The open-air bath is the size that about 3 people can take a bath, and is surrounded by blindfold fences, so bathers can not peep out from outside. But bathers can enjoy a sense of openness without a roof because trees can be looked over. The hot springs are simple sulfur spring, and are clear and colorless and have slightly sulfur taste and slightly sulfur smell. The sum total of the hot spring ingredients are 0.164 g/kg. The hot springs are high alkaline water of ph 9.8. Although the hot springs are chlorine sterilization, those have very smooth and slipperily touch.

Open-air Bath
Urahoro Rushin Onsen
View from Open-air Bath
Urahoro Rushin Onsen

A drinking hot spring facility is set at the bathhouse, too, and the hot springs are drinkable. It is said that it has an effect for diabetes, gout and constipation, and it tasted a little sulfur. Shampoos and body soaps are provided at the bathhouse. A restroom and free hair dryers are installed at a dressing room.

Dressing Room
Urahoro Rushin Onsen

Atmosphere of Urahoro Rushin Onsen Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Urahoro Rushin Onsen

Types of Hot Springs Simple sulfur spring (Type:Alkaline, Osmotic Pressure:Low, Spring Temperature Type:Warm spring)
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 29.5 C
ph 9.8
Indications Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen shoulders, Motor paralysis, Tightening of the joint, Bruise, Sprain, Hemorrhoids, Chronic digestive diseases, Chronic skin diseases, Convalescent convalescence, Relieving fatigue, Healthy increase, Cut, Chronic skin diseases, Cold sensitivity, Diabetes
Contraindications Acute disease(when there is the heat in particular), Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Severe heart disease, Respiratory failure, Renal insufficiency, Hemorrhagic disease, High anemia, Other diseases during condition of a patient progress generally
Indications of drinking Diabetes, Gout, Constipation
Contraindications of drinking Diarrhea
Facilities Open-air bath(1), Indoor bath(3), Sauna(1). * Sex-Segregated Bathhouse.
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 500. Elementary school student: JPY 300.
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular closing day 3rd Monday
Parking lot A free parking is provided (30 cars)
Telephone number +81-15-576-4410
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 725 082 448*02

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations in the Urahoro Rushin Onsen.

    Urahoro Rushin Onsen Cottage(浦幌留真温泉コテージ)

    A page of Secret Onsen in Hokkaido is here

    Secret Onsen in Hokkaido

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