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Cape Peshi, Mt. Rishirifuji and Monument of Ranald MacDonald Can Be Seen -Nozuka Observation Deck in Rishiri Island-

October 12th, 2015

Nozuka Observation Deck (野塚展望台) is located in the northern part of Rishiri Island (利尻島). Cape Peshi (ペシ岬) and Mt. Rishirifuji (利尻富士) can be seen. There are a gazebo and a monument of Ranald MacDonald (ロナルド・マクドナルド) on the site. Mr. Ranald MacDonald was an American who lived in the 1800s. He taught Japanese people English for the first time. It is a place that he tried the landing Japan that cut itself off from the world. The people whom he taught English negotiated with Mr. Admiral Perry as an interpreter. There are a parking lot and a restroom in the other side across a road.

Nozuka Observation Deck
Nozuka Observatory in Rishiri Island
Nozuka Observatory in Rishiri Island台
Mt. Rishirifuji
Nozuka Observatory in Rishiri Island台
Monument of Ranald MacDonald
Nozuka Observatory in Rishiri Island

Atmosphere of Nozuka Observation Deck Can Be Watched on Youtube


Movie of Nozuka Observation Deck

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (23 cars)
Business hour Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-163-84-3622
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 714 527 555*84


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