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[Wabisuke in Sapporo] Tasty Soy Sauce Broth Ramen Mixed Dried Small Sardine Soup Stock with Creamy Chicken Soup

May 26th, 2015


Ramen Wabisuke (ら~めん侘助) is a popular ramen restraunt nearby A-COOP Sapporo Motomachi Branch (コープさっぽろ 元町店) in Higashi ward, Sapporo city, and is relatively near Subway Toho Line Motomachi Station. Mr. Ken Mitsuhata (光畑 健), a ramen restraunt owner, has established it since 2008. The Wabisuke was given the Bib Gourmand by MICHELIN Hokkaido 2012 Special Edition and 2017 Special Edition, and is famous for serving ramen using small dried sardine soup stock.

Appearance of Building
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-

The ramen restraunt on the 1st floor of a block of flats near Tonden Street (屯田通り) is not so large, and has an atmosphere of a typical ramen restraunt. Counter seats and a table are provided, but I guess that family customers and a large number of cusotmers can hardly enjoyed their meals in busy time.

Look of Ramen Restraunt
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-

Movie of Cooking Ramen


Sapporo (札幌) that about 1,960,000 people live is the largest city in Hokkaido. Although there are various theories, its origin of the name is "Dry Big River (乾いた大きな川)" in Ainu language. A population of the Sapporo is the 4th largest city after Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya in japan, and the population accounts for 36 % of Hokkaido's population! So the Sapporo has been flourished as the center of the Hokkaido. The area of the Sapporo is 1,121.26 km2, and is about as big as Hong Kong, and is the 7th largest city in the Hokkaido. The Sapporo is also famous as a tourist city, and about 15 million people come. As for a climate, it is hot that temperature rises to nearly 25 degrees in a summer, but it is easy to live without moisture. I always feel a little cool. It is cold that temperature falls to nearly -10 degrees in a winter, and amount of snowfall sometimes has more than 1 m. Article is here


Ramen of Hokkaido

Ramen is a noodle soup dish topped with ingredients. It is said that Chinese noodles is the root of the ramen, and there are various theories, for example, Mr. Mistukuni Tokugawa (徳川光圀 * Mitokomon (水戸黄門)) ate the ramen in 1697 for the first time in Japan or the first ramen was that Keitaimen noodles (経帯麺) served in 1488 was written in Biryueken Diary (蔭涼軒日録). Noodle soup dishes were spread out in Japan because Nanking noodles (南京そば) was served in various China Towns, Japan. In Hakodate with a China Town, Yowaken (養和軒) served the Nanking noodles in 1884. In Sapporo, it is a root of Sapporo Ramen that a noodle soup dish was cooked by Mr. Wang Wen Zai (王 文彩), a chief chef of Takeya Shokudo (竹家食堂), in 1922. Houran (芳蘭), a branch of the Takeya Shokudo, opened a business in 1933 in Asahikawa. Asahikawa Ramen, Sapporo Ramen and Hakodate Ramen called the 3 Major Ramen in Hokkaido were born. But current ramen do not succeed to the taste of those ramen. Article is here

Ramen of Hokkaido

Soy Sauce Broth Ramen

I visited here around 13:30 on a weekday. 4 groups of preceding visitors lined up along a aisle at the ramen restraunt. After all, they were popular. The Wabisuke uses a meal ticket system, and first customers should buy a meal ticket via a ticket vendor near the entrance. Soy Sauce Broth Ramen mixed dried small sardines with creamy chicken soup was restraunt's recommendation, so I purchased a meal ticket of the Soy Sauce Broth Ramen (醤油らーめん) via a ticket vendor. The price was JPY 750. While I lined up, a waitress collected our meal tickets, and our ramen were ordered.

Commemorative Shields Line
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-

After forming a line for about 10 minutes, she shown my counter seat. A kitchen was in front of the counter seats, and the owner cooked the ramen one after another before customers' eyes. I was surprised at the quantity of dipping noodles. Meanwhile about 15 minutes passed, and my ramen was served. A roasted pork fillet, bamboo shoots, a kamaboko with a spiral whirlpool-like pattern, a dried laver and green onions were on noodles. The appearance sharpened my appetite.


Soy Sauce Broth Ramen from Top
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-
Ingredients Are Roasted Pork Fillet, Bamboo Shoots, Kamaboko with Spiral Whirlpool-Like Pattern, Dried Laver, Green Onions
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-

I ate a sip of soup immediately. The soup mixed creamy chicken soup with fishery product soup stock was light taste, but the flavor of the soup spread over in my mouth. The soup was thick, and I savored the dried small sardines with granular texture. It was tasty! They did not use food additives in the soup. The thick noodles were homemade noodles using wheat flour named Kabukimono (傾奇者) for pasta, and had soft and chewy texture, and went well with the soup. Those were also delicious! Thanks for the tasty ramen!

HomeMade Noodles
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-
Roasted Pork Fillet
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-
Tasty Light Taste
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-
Bamboo Shoot
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-
Kamaboko with Spiral Whirlpool-Like Pattern
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-
Dried Laver
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen -Wabisuke in Sapporo-

Soy Sauce Broth Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Soy Sauce Broth Ramen

Parking lot Parking is not provided
Business hours 11:00-15:00, 17:00-20:00
Regular closing day Thursday, Second and Fourth Wednesday
Telephone number +81-11-807-7149
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 9 615 548*60

A page of Sapporo is here




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