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Kakiage Is Topped with Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken of Muroran Ramen Originator-

April 16th, 2015

Seikyoken (清洋軒) is a long-established ramen reastraunt in Funami-cho, Muroran city and was founded in 1935. Because they profess thierselves to be Muroran ramen originator, the ramen reastraunt may be founded very first in Muroran.

Appearance of Building
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-
Look of Ramen Restraunt
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-

I visited here around 17:00 on weekdays. Still there was no visitor. The ramen restraunt had an atmosphere such as a typical ramen restraunt and was not so large. There was only 1 table and family customers seem to use it. I sat a counter seat and read a menu. Salt ramen was the best recommended of this restaurant, but I was interested in Nikka Ramen (日華ラーメン) and ordered it. The price was JPY 650.

Nikka Ramen
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-

Approximately 10 minutes later, the nikka ramen was served. Ingredients were bamboo shoots, a kakiage (deep-fried vegetable strips), a narutomaki, a wheat gluten and green onions. Because the kakiage was Japanese-style ingredients and ramen was called Chinese noodle, they might combine Ni meaned Japanese in the Chinese character with Ka meaned Chinese noodle in the Chinese character and seem to name Nikka Ramen. It was unusual for the kakiage topped with the ramen.


Nikka Ramen from Top
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-
Kamaboko with Spiral Whirlpool-Like Pattern
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-
Bamboo Shoot
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-
Wheat Gluten
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-

Soy sauce soup was made broth with seafood. It was not too salty and was taste such as soba soup. Noodles were whitish color homemade noodles. I felt that it was taste of the historical ramen.

Seafood Stock Soup
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-
HomeMade Ramen Noodles
Nikka Ramen -Seiyoken in Muroran-

Nikka Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Nikka Ramen

Parking lot Parking lot is not provided
Business hours 11:00-19:00
Regular closing day First Tuesday, Third Tuesday and The fifth Tuesday
Telephone number +81-143-22-2923
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 159 221 029*01

A page of Muroran is here




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