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Non Ordinary Tasty Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-

October 24th, 2015

Amewa-yasashiku (雨は、やさしく) is a popular ramen restraunt in Shiroishi ward, Sapporo city and was founded in 2012. Unique logo and font of the ramen restraunt are impressive. Amewa-yasashiku means "Tender Rain" in English. I visited here around 13:00 on weekdays. The ramen restraunt was already full. 1 groups of preceding visitor queued at seats for waiting. The ramen restraunt was not so large and had an atmosphere like an obanzai restraunt (Kyoto-style home cooking restraunt), but cheerful music played. The visitors were family customers, couples, office workers, one customers, and 2 female customers came. Even woman is easy to enter the ramen restraunt, too.

Appearance of Building
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-
Counter Seats
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-

While I was waiting at the seats for waiting, I was asked about my order. I read a menu, I ordered miso broth ramen (味噌ラーメン) that was sold well. The price is JPY 780. Approximately 10 minutes later, I was able to sit at a counter seat. Then approximately 5 minutes later, the miso broth ramen was served.

Miso Broth Ramen
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-

This was not the appearance of the ordinary miso broth ramen. I can not keep my eyes off ingredients. There were the boiled and seasoned burdock roots, the deep frying burdock roots and a large roasted pork fillet on the surface of the soup. Chicken liver paste and kombu paste were topped up on the large roasted pork fillet. When I stirred those occasionally until melted into the soup and ate, it was too tasty.


Miso Broth Ramen from Top
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-
Boiled and Seasoned Burdock Root
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-
Deep Frying Burdock Root
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-

The soup was made from dried small sardines, kombu and shiitake mushrooms broth, and I wonder the soup was not just like miso taste. The soup was light taste and had Umami. The texture of burdock roots and kombu were very good, too. It was tasty! In addtion, noodles are made by Kanezin foods. I went out the ramen restraunt around 13:30. But 8 visitors queued at the seats for waiting. After all Amewa-yasashiku is very popular.

Tasty Mild Soup
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-
Noodles Made by Kanezin Foods
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-
Roasted Pork Fillet Like Ham
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-
Soup Is Not Just Like Miso Taste
Miso Broth Ramen -Amewa-yasashiku in Sapporo-

Miso Broth Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Miso Broth Ramen

Parking lot Free parking is provided (7 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-15:30 and 17:30-21:30
Regular closing day Monday
Telephone number +81-11-871-3922
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