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[Shodai Head Office in Otaru] Soy Sauce Broth Ramen with Rich Taste

January 31st, 2016


Ramen Shodai (らーめん初代) is a popular ramen restraunt based in Otaru city. Seva corp. (株式会社セヴァ) runs it, and Mr. Katsutoshi Ota (太田 勝敏), a company president, has established it since 1994. The origination of the name is that the real taste of the ramen is only during his lifetime if a ramen restraunt extends through successive generations. The Shodai means "The founder" in Japanese. The head office is in Sumiyoshi-cho, and ramen restraunt branches open a business in Sapporo Ramen Republic (札幌らーめん共和国) and Hassamu.

Appearance of Building
Otaru Ramen -Shodai-

My visited place is the head office relatively near Minami-otaru Station and Marchen Crossroads (メルヘン交差点). The ramen restraunt located over a hill from Sakaemachi Street (堺町通り) is a stone storehouse, and is just siutable for Otaru with a long history. A lot of woods are used in the inside of the house, so the warmth of the woods is felt. The ramen restraunt is not small, and long pieces of wood lay in a ceiling, and space spread longitudinally, so it does not give a feeling of pressure. Counter seats and table seats are provided, so I guess that even family customers enjoy meals. A long wooden counter table is also comfortable.

Sakaimachidori Shopping Street and Marchen Crossroads

Sakaimachidori Shopping Street (堺町通り) and Marchen Crossroads (メルヘン交差点) are tourist attractions between Otaru Station (小樽駅) and Minami-Otaru Station (南小樽駅), and is located in the east part of the Otaru Station, and the distance between the Sakaimachidori Shopping Street and the station is about 900 m. It takes about 15 minutes through Chuo Street (中央通り) on foot. The street with atomosphere of Taisho Period and Medieval Europe is one of most popular tourist attractions in the Otaru along with Otaru Canal, and is an established spot that almost all 8 million tourists that visit the otaru go to see. Otaru Sakaimachi Yukata Wind Chime (小樽堺町ゆかた風鈴まつり) is held between 2days in early August. Admission free. There are toll parking lots around here. Article is here

Sakaimachi-Dori Street
Sakaimachidori Shopping Street Marchen Crossroads in Otaru


Otaru (小樽) that 120,000 people live is the 9th largest port city in Hokkaido, and is located in the located in the northwestern part of Sapporo city. It takes about 30 minutes from the Sapporo to the Otaru by a train. The Otaru is one of most popular tourist cities in the Hokkaido, and about 8 million people visit here. It is also well-known as a city with a lot of slopes, and there are 30 slopes with its name, so the Otaru has a lot of slope lands, and has a lot of narrow roads. It is famous as a city with a lot of sushi restaurants, too, and more than 100 sushi restaurants open their businesses. Fresh seafood caught in the Sea of Japan facing the Otaru or caought in various places of the Hokkaido can be enjoyed. As for a climate, the Otaru has calm climate, it is cold in a summer, and it snow hard. The Otaru was called an inaccessible land in the old days because all transportation facilities paralyzed by a heavy snow. Article is here

Night View from Mt. Tenguyama

Ramen of Hokkaido

Ramen is a noodle soup dish topped with ingredients. It is said that Chinese noodles is the root of the ramen, and there are various theories, for example, Mr. Mistukuni Tokugawa (徳川光圀 * Mitokomon (水戸黄門)) ate the ramen in 1697 for the first time in Japan or the first ramen was that Keitaimen noodles (経帯麺) served in 1488 was written in Biryueken Diary (蔭涼軒日録). Noodle soup dishes were spread out in Japan because Nanking noodles (南京そば) was served in various China Towns, Japan. In Hakodate with a China Town, Yowaken (養和軒) served the Nanking noodles in 1884. In Sapporo, it is a root of Sapporo Ramen that a noodle soup dish was cooked by Mr. Wang Wen Zai (王 文彩), a chief chef of Takeya Shokudo (竹家食堂), in 1922. Houran (芳蘭), a branch of the Takeya Shokudo, opened a business in 1933 in Asahikawa. Asahikawa Ramen, Sapporo Ramen and Hakodate Ramen called the 3 Major Ramen in Hokkaido were born. But current ramen do not succeed to the taste of those ramen. Article is here


Ramen of Hokkaido

Soy Sauce Broth Ramen

I visited here around 14:15 on a weekday. Timing might make customers just change, and only 1 group of a customer enjoy their meals. I sat a counter seat, and read a menu, and ordered Soy Sauce Broth Ramen (醬油ラーメン). The price was JPY 800. While I was wainig for the ramen, 5 groups of customers came in the ramen restraunt one after another. Since a large number of the customers visited in such time, the ramen restraunt was popular after all.

Soy Sauce Broth Ramen
Otaru Ramen -Shodai-

About 15 minutes later, the ramen was served. A roasted pork fillet, bamboo shoots, a dried laver and green onions were on noodles. I ate a sip of soup immediately. It tasted rich seafood flavor. It was too salty for me because I liked light taste, but I wondered the salty soup warmed eaters' body in a cold day.

Otaru Ramen -Shodai-

The noodles were egg noodles made by Kato Maiking-noodles Factory (加藤製麺). Its length is about 30 cm. The noodles went well with the soup. The large roasted pork fillet caught my eyes was the size as big as my fist. A quantity of the ramen was suitable for my stomach, and I enjoyed the ramen. Thanks for the tasty ramen!

Egg Noodles of About 30 cm Length
Otaru Ramen -Shodai-
Large Roasted Pork Fillet
Otaru Ramen -Shodai-
Bamboo Shoot
Otaru Ramen -Shodai-
Dried Laver
Otaru Ramen -Shodai-
Rich Taste Soup
Otaru Ramen -Shodai-

Soy Sauce Broth Ramen and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Soy Sauce Broth Ramen

Parking lot Free parking is provided (13 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-19:00
Regular closing day Tuesday
Telephone number +81-134-33-2626
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 493 661 142*63

A page of Otaru is here




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