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[Ichimonji Head Office in Hakodate] Tasty Spicy Miso Broth Ramen with Beautiful Colors

May 2nd, 2015


Hakodate Menya Ichimonji (函館麺や 一文字) is a popular ramen restraunt based in Hakodate city. The head office is in Yunokawa Onsen, and some ramen restraunt braches open a business in the Hakodate and Nanae town. My visited place is the head office near Hakodate Tropical Zone Botanical Garden (函館熱帯植物園), and visitors can enjoy meals while looking at the Pacific Ocean or Mastukura River (松倉川). The ramen restraunt on the 1st floor of a 2 story building has an atomosphere such as a casual dining, and is not s small. Counter seats and table seats are provided, so I guess that even family customers enjoy meals. But the ramen restraunt is crowded with customers at lunchtime.

Appearance of Building
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-

List of Means of Transportation

Highway buses run between the Hakodate and the Sapporo. Refer to following the means of the transportation in the Hakodate. As for car rental comparison websites, you can compare vehicle rental prices on Tabi-Plaza Rental Car Reservation (旅ぷらざレンタカー予約), Jalan Rental Car (じゃらんレンタカー) and Rakutem Travel Rental Car (楽天トラベルレンタカー).

Chuo Bus(中央バス) From Sapporo to Hakodate
Chuo Bus(中央バス) From Hakodate to Sapporo
Hokkaido Bus(北海道バス) From Sapporo to Hakodate
Hokkaido Bus(北海道バス) From Hakodate to Sapporo
Nippon Rent-a-car(ニッポンレンタカー) Their offices are near Hakodate Station and Hakodate Airport.
Times Car Rental(タイムズカーレンタル) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station and the Hakodate Airport.
Toyota Rental Lease(トヨタレンタリース) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station, the Goryokaku Fort and the Hakodate Airport.
Nissan Rent-a-car(日産レンタカー) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station and the Hakodate Airport.
Orix Rent-a-car(オリックスレンタカー) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station, the Hakodate Ferry Terminal and the Hakodate Airport.
Station Rent-a-car(駅レンタカー) Their office is near the Hakodate Station.
Budget Rent-a-car(バジェットレンタカー) Their office is near the Hakodate Airport.
World Net Rent-a-car(ワールドネットレンタカー) Their office is near the Hakodate Airport.
Nico Nico Rent-a-car(ニコニコレンタカー) Their office is near the Hakodate Airport.
Ones Rent-a-car(ワンズレンタカー) Their offices are near Kaigan-cho, the Hakodate Ferry Terminal, the Hakodate Airport, the Goryokaku Fort and the Yunokawa Onsen.

Yunokawa Onsen

Yunokawa Onsen (湯の川温泉) is a famous hot-spring resort in the eastern part of Hakodate city. Hot springs spring 7000 liters everyday, so a quantity of the hot springs is abundant, too. 1.8 million tourists come here, and is one of the 3 major hot spring resorts in Hokkaido together with Noboribetsu Onsen (登別温泉) and Jozankei Onsen (定山渓温泉). The Yunokawa Onsen is called a back room of Hakodate, and I think that it is popular for easy access to the Yunokawa Onsen because it takes about 15 minutes from Hakodate Station by a car, and it takes about 5 minutes from Hakodate Airport by a car. It is probably only the Yunokawa Onsen in Hokkaido that there is a large hot-spring resort in the city area. Article is here


Chikuba Sinyoutei
Yunokawa Onsen in Hakodate


Hakodate (函館) that about 260,000 people live is the 3rd largest port city in Hokkaido, and is a regional hub city of the Southern Hokkaido area. The Hakodate became incorporated with Toi town (戸井), Esan town (恵山), Todohokke village (椴法華) and Minami-kayabe town (南茅部) in 2004, and most of Kameda Peninsula (亀田半島) has changed to the Hakodate. It is one of most popular tourist cities in the Hokkaido, and about 5 million people visit here. The downtown of the Hakodate from Mt. Hakodate toward former Goryokaku fort is developed on a large sandbar between the seas, and a unique seashore landscape is very popular. Although a lot of tourists think the center town of the Hakodate is around Hakodate Station and the Mt. Hakodate, it is around Hakodate Streetcar Goryokaku Koen-mae Stop (函館市電五稜郭公園前駅). The Hakodate is also well-known as a city with a lot of slopes, and there are 19 slopes with its name such as Hachiman-zaka slope (八幡坂), Daisan-zaka slope (大三坂) and Motoi-zaka slope (基坂), so around the Mt. Hakodate has a lot of slope lands, and the Hakodate has a lot of narrow roads. As for a climate, the Hakodate is wamer than other cities in the Hokkaido because it is located of the Southern Hokkaido, and it does not snow hard. Article is here

View from Mt. Hakodate

Ramen of Hokkaido

Ramen is a noodle soup dish topped with ingredients. It is said that Chinese noodles is the root of the ramen, and there are various theories, for example, Mr. Mistukuni Tokugawa (徳川光圀 * Mitokomon (水戸黄門)) ate the ramen in 1697 for the first time in Japan or the first ramen was that Keitaimen noodles (経帯麺) served in 1488 was written in Biryueken Diary (蔭涼軒日録). Noodle soup dishes were spread out in Japan because Nanking noodles (南京そば) was served in various China Towns, Japan. In Hakodate with a China Town, Yowaken (養和軒) served the Nanking noodles in 1884. In Sapporo, it is a root of Sapporo Ramen that a noodle soup dish was cooked by Mr. Wang Wen Zai (王 文彩), a chief chef of Takeya Shokudo (竹家食堂), in 1922. Houran (芳蘭), a branch of the Takeya Shokudo, opened a business in 1933 in Asahikawa. Asahikawa Ramen, Sapporo Ramen and Hakodate Ramen called the 3 Major Ramen in Hokkaido were born. But current ramen do not succeed to the taste of those ramen. Article is here

Ramen of Hokkaido

Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen

I visited here around 13:00 on a national holiday. 1 group of preceding visitors lined up at the entrance, but I was able to enter the ramen restraunt soon. The ramen restraunt was almost full, and there were the visitors held a guidebook in their hands here and there, so I saw the Ichimonji was popular after all. I sat at a counter seat, and asked a waitress about ramen restraunt's recommendation. She replied me "That is Salt Broth Ramen (塩ラーメン). But regular customers often order Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen (辛味噌ラーメン) or Soy Sauce Broth Ramen with Backfat Style (チャッチャ系正油らーめん)". Therefore I ordered the Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen. The price was JPY 810.

Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen from Top
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-

About 10 minutes later, the ramen was served. A roasted pork fillet, bamboo shoots, a Japanese marinated soft boiled egg, fried bean sprouts, a dried laver, green onions and chili pepper were on noodles. The ramen was a vivid color arrangement, and white green onions were dished up on the center of pale red soup, and cut chill peppers sprinkled on the top of the green onions was outstanding. The appearance looked beautiful. I ate a sip of the soup immediately. The taste was like just Szechuan style sesame hot noodles (担々麺). Flavor of the sesame went well with the spicy hot soup using soup stock stewed kombu produced in Minamikayabe (南茅部), chicken native to Akita Prefecture and pork bones for 10 hours. It was tasty!

Vivid Color Arrangement
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-
Tasty Spicy Hot Soup!
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-

The chewy noodles were homemade curled noodles, and went well with the soup. Now I know they are popular. After I drank up the soup, "It is only ramen, But I still love ramen. from owner" written on the bottom of a ramen bowl appeared. The owner really love ramen. Thanks for the tasty ramen!

Homemade Noodles
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-
Roasted Pork Fillet
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-
Bamboo Shoot
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-
Soft-Boiled Egg Marinated in Soy and Mirin
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-
Dried Laver
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-
Fried Bean Sprouts and Ramen Noodles
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-
"It Is Only Ramen, But I Still Love Ramen. From Owner" Written on Bottom of Ramen Bowl
Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen -Ichimonji in Hakodate-

Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Spicy Hot Miso Broth Ramen

Parking lot Parking is provided (3 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-01:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing days
Telephone number +81-138-57-8934
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 86 079 629*05

A page of Hakodate is here




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