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Soy Sauce Ramen with Extra Thick Roasted Pork Fillet and Rich Thickness Soup -Rei in Chitose-

August 22nd, 2015

Menya Rei (麺や麗) is a popular ramen restraunt in Chitose city and was founded in 2010. A building is a little far away from Chitose station. Rei is famous for getting the Bib Gourmand in MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido 2012 Special Edition.

Appearance of Building
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-

I visited here around 14:00 on weekdays. Because it was known for lining up, I supposed that there would not be already the line around 14:00, but my expectation about that was optimistic. 5 people lined up at the building. There were lots of women customers, too. Interior decoration had an atmosphere such as an Italian restaurant. But the restraunt was not so large. There are 2 tables and family customers seem to enjoy, but lines are expected. I waited for about 10 minutes at there and I sat at a counter seat. I ordered a large portion of soy sauce ramen (醤油ラーメン). The price was JPY 900.

Soy Sauce Ramen
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-

Approximately 15 minutes later, the soy sauce ramen was served. Grated radish caught my eyes, but those were grated onions. In addition, I was surprised at catching a roasted pork fillet with chopsticks! It was the roasted pork fillet with approximately 2 cm in thickness. Soup was thick and stewed soup used seafood broth, pork bone broth and chicken broth, and it was very good! The light taste soup lovers also seem to be rich taste soup's fan. Noodles were chewy and made by Sagamiya making-noodles factory. The noodles went well with the rich and stewed soup.


Soy Sauce Ramen from Top
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-
Rich Thickness Soup, Tasty!
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-
Chewy Curled Thick Noodles
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-
Extra Thick Roasted Pork Fillet
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-
Bamboo Shoot
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-
Soup Go Well with Noodles
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-
Dried Laver
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-
Soup Used Seafood Stock, Pork Bone Broth and Chicken Broth
Soy Sauce Ramen -Rei in Chitose-

Soy Sauce Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Soy Sauce Ramen

Parking lot Free parking is provided (9 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00 *They will close a business if they run out of soup
Regular closing day Wednesday
Telephone number +81-123-27-3757
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 230 018 112*21



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