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[Aji-no-Daio Head Office in Tomakomai] Curry Ramen Called Origin in Hokkaido

June 7th, 2015


Aji-no-Daio (味の大王) is a long-established ramen restraunt based in Tomakomai city. Aji-no-Daio corp. runs it, and Mr. Koichi Takahashi (高橋 浩一) is a company president at present. Mr. Ichiro Takahashi (高橋 一郎), the founder, established the Aji-no-Daio in Iwamizawa city in 1967. The Aji-no-Daio is famous for the origin of Curry Ramen (カレーラーメン) in Hokkaido. Mr. Hiroshi Koyanagai (小柳 弘), the founder of Aji-no-Daio Muoran Head Office (室蘭の味の大王), trained his cooking skill under Mr. Ichiro in the Iwamizawa, and became independent in Muroran city. Mr. Ichiro move his ramen restraunt from the Iwamizawa to the Tomakomai in 1971. They have no capital ties. The head office is in Uenae, Tomakomai, and and some ramen restaurant branches and franchise restaurants open a business in the Tomakomai, Sapporo and Noboribetsu.

Appearance of Building
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -

My visited place is the head office facing National Route 36, and it is near Lake Utonai (ウトナイ湖). The ramen restraunt on the 1st floor of a 2 story building is large, and has an atomosphere such as a typical ramen restraunt. Counter seats, table seats and a small separate Japanese style room are provided, so I guess that even family customers and a large number of customers may enjoy meals.

Look of Ramen Restaurant
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -

Movie of Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office

Lake Utonai

Lake Utonai (ウトナイ湖) between National Route 36 and railway is a freshwater lake in the northeastern part of Tomakomai city. The Utonai means "A place that small streams gather" in Ainu language. The lake is located in the northwestern part of Yufutsu Plain (勇払原野), and the perimeter of the lake is about 9.5 km. The maximum water depth is 1.5 m, so it is not large. The lake is well-known for beeing designed as the first bird sanctuary in Japan by Wild Bird Society of Japan in 1981, and More than 260 kinds of waterfowls such as Whooper Swan and Whistling Swan inhabit, and the lake is called "Paradise for Wild Birds". In addition, 500 kinds of plants such as Quercus Crispula and Haskap grow, and 3,900 kinds of insecta inhabit. It is called "Natural Treasury", too. The lake has rich nature, and has been designed as the Ramsar Convention since 1991. Tens of thousands wild gooses fly home to roost or fly away the roost in March, and the view is popular. Article is here

View from 2nd Floor of Lake Utonai Sanctuary Nature Center
Lake Utonai in Tomakomai


Tomakomai (苫小牧) that 170,000 people live along Pacific Ocean is the fourth largest industrial city in Hokkaido, and is located in the central part of the Hokkaido. There are Oji Paper factory (王子製紙), petrochemical complexes and Tomato-Atsuma Thermal Power Plant, the largest thermal power plant in the Hokkaido. As for a climate, it is warmer than other places in Hokkaido in a summer or in a winter, and it features that the Tomakomai has less snow than other placess in the Hokkaido. Therefore skating as one of famous winter sports is prosperous, so ASIA LEAGUE ICE HOCKEY Team "Oji Eagles" is based in the Tomakomai. Because the Tomakomai is close to New Chitose Airport, and Tomakomai Ferry terminal is built, so the Tomakomai has traffic convenience. Article is here

Tarumae Garo Gorge
Tomakomai, Tarumae Garo Gorge

Ramen of Hokkaido

Ramen is a noodle soup dish topped with ingredients. It is said that Chinese noodles is the root of the ramen, and there are various theories, for example, Mr. Mistukuni Tokugawa (徳川光圀 * Mitokomon (水戸黄門)) ate the ramen in 1697 for the first time in Japan or the first ramen was that Keitaimen noodles (経帯麺) served in 1488 was written in Biryueken Diary (蔭涼軒日録). Noodle soup dishes were spread out in Japan because Nanking noodles (南京そば) was served in various China Towns, Japan. In Hakodate with a China Town, Yowaken (養和軒) served the Nanking noodles in 1884. In Sapporo, it is a root of Sapporo Ramen that a noodle soup dish was cooked by Mr. Wang Wen Zai (王 文彩), a chief chef of Takeya Shokudo (竹家食堂), in 1922. Houran (芳蘭), a branch of the Takeya Shokudo, opened a business in 1933 in Asahikawa. Asahikawa Ramen, Sapporo Ramen and Hakodate Ramen called the 3 Major Ramen in Hokkaido were born. But current ramen do not succeed to the taste of those ramen. Article is here

Ramen of Hokkaido

Curry Ramen

I visited here around 14:00 on a weekday. About 8 groups of preceding customers enjoyed their meals at this time. Most of the customers ate Ganso Curry Ramen (元祖カレーラーメン). I purchased a meal ticket of the Ganso Curry Ramen via a ticket vender. The price was JPY 790. I sat at a table seat, and handed the meal ticket to a waitress, and waited for the ramen.


Curry Ramen
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -

About 5 minutes later, the ramen was served. A roasted pork fillet, wakame seaweed, boiled bean sprouts and green onions were on noodles. A paper apron was prepared for the curry ramen, too, and customers could defend their clothes from curry splash. Such a paying scrupulous attention was nice.

Paper Apron for Curry Ramen
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -

I ate a sip of soup immediately. It was thick and stewed soup, and was mixed pork bone broth with curry paste made from 10 types of spices and fruits. The soup tasted so spicy, and was full of curry taste. Mr. Tora Uganda, a famous actor, said "Curry is something to drink", and I also felt the curry was drinkable soup. It was tasty!

Curry Ramen from Top
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -

The noodles were curled egg noodles made by Konno (こんの) in the Tomakomai. When I lifted up the noodles with chopsticks, the soup sticked to the noodles more than I expected. The chopsticks were heavy... But the noodles went well with the soup. I was able to finish eating deliciously the curry ramen till the last because it was not too rich taste. Thanks for the tasty ramen!

Noodles Made by Konno
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -
Roasted Pork Fillet
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -
Wakame Seaweed
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -
Boiled Bean Sprouts
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -
Spicy Soup
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -
Noodles Go Well with Soup
Curry Ramen - Aji-no-Daio Tomakomai Head Office in Tomakomai -

Curry Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Curry Ramen

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