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Originated Pork Rice Bowl Named Chappu-Don -Takadaya in Takikawa-

May 18th, 2016

Takadaya (高田屋) is a long-established Japanese style restaurant in Sakae-machi, Takikawa city located between Sapporo city and Asahikawa city and was founded in 1953. This restraunt is near Takikawa Station and has loved by local people. I visited here to eat a pork rice bowl named Chappu-Don (チャップ丼), Takikawa local specialty dish, around 15:00 on weekdays. There was not other customer at the restraunt. It had an atmosphere such as a good old restraunt. The restraunt had counter seats and some tables, so family customers can enjoy eating.

Appearance of Building
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-
Look of Restraunt
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-
Counter Seats
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-

I sat the table and ordered the pork rice bowl named Chappu-Don. The price was JPY 750. About 10 minutes later, the pork rice bowl was served. The pork rice bowl use pork chop without bone, and an owner named the Chappu-Don. Sliced pork is thinner than an ordenary pork bowl, and taste of sauce will easy soaking into pork. Originally, the owner devised the Chappu-Don in his high school days, a lunch is a prototype model. There is dried laver hidden secretly between rice and pork, and it will be a vestige.


Pork Rice Bowl Named Chappu-Don
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-
Pork Rice Bowl from Top
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-

By the way, this pork rice bowl has used specific pathogen free pork produced in Hokkaido, and salty-sweet sauce has made with secret recipe unique to this restaurant, with specific instructions such as 'replenish the sauce continuously'. The sauce had a strong sweetness, but it went well with rice and pork. It was tasty!

Let’s Eat!
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-
Tasty Salty-Sweet Sliced Pork
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-
Rice, Dried Laver, Prok from Bottom
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-
Pickled Vegetables
Pork Rice Bowl -Takadaya in Takikawa-

Pork Rice Bowl and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Pork Rice Bowl

Parking lot A free parking is provided (8 cars)
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular closing day First Sunday and Third Sunday
Telephone number +81-125-23-2036
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 179 183 449*56



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