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Pork Rice Bowl Born in Obihiro Go out from Hokkaido to World

April 3rd, 2014

Pork rice bowl (豚丼) is a rice bowl dish that is dished up grilled pork with sauce on rice. “Panchou (ぱんちょう)” in Obihiro is said to be an originator. The pork rice bowl has been famous in the eastern part of Hokkaido, but the dish is known in all Japan now. The feature is that pork overflows from the lid of the bowl. Approximately 30 restaurants sell the pork rice bowl only around Obihiro. Each restaurants are particular about sauce and pork. Standard sauce of Obihiro pork rice bowl is salty-sweet sauce, but restaurants such as “Tsuruhashi (鶴橋)” are served the pork rice bowl with bitter sauce, each restaurants compete on an original taste. Many restaurants use various pork such as pork loins, pork ribs, superfine pork loins and superfine pork ribs.

Pancho in Obihiro
Pork Rice Bowl -Pancho in Obihiro-

In any places other than Tokachi, tourists can eat the pork rice bowl with soy sauce taste at “Sakuratei (さくら亭)” in Asahikawa and can eat the curry pork rice bowl at “Butafuku (豚ふく)” in Kushiro. The pork rice bowl is full of variety according to each region. Furthermore, the pork rice bowl went out on an international scene. “Tonta (とん田)” and “Kamogawa (鴨川)” in Obihiro, “Kukai (空海)” in Eniwa, “Moritaya (森田屋)” in Rikubetsu got the Bib Gourmand in MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido 2012 Special Edition.

Tonta in Obihiro
Pork Rice Bowl -Tonta in Obihiro-
Sakuratei in Asahikawa
Pork Rice Bowl -Sakuratei in Asahikawa-
Butaichi in Obihiro
Pork Rice Bowl -Butaichi in Obihiro-
Kukai in Eniwa
Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai in Eniwa-
Butafuku in Kushiro
Pork Rice Bowl -Butafuku in Kushiro-
Moritaya in Rikubetsu
Pork Rice Bowl -Moritaya in Rikubetsu-



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