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Pork Rice Bowl and Buckwheat Noodles Are Rated by MICHELIN GUIDE -Kukai in Eniwa-

April 16th, 2015

Kukai (空海) is a famous pork rice bowl restraunt in Eniwa city located in the south part of Sapporo city and started a business in Eniwa in 2011. They garnered the Bib Gourmand in MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido 2012 Special Edition, and became more popular.

Appearance of Building
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-

I visited here around 11:00 on weekdays. The restraunt was not so large, but there were some tables, so family customers seem to enjoy. I sat a counter seat and read a menu. Because this restraunt was known for tasty buckwheat noodles, I ordered a pork rice bowl and the buckwheat noodles served on a flat bamboo sieve combo (空海セット * Kukai-set). The price was JPY 1050.

Look of Restaurant
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-
Pork Rice Bowl from Top
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-

Approximately 15 minutes later, the Kukai-set was served. Meanwhile, visitors came one after another and the restraunt was almost full. This restraunt was very popular. As for the pork rice bowl, porks preserved in sweet sauce with charcoal-broiled mesh patterns sharpened my appetite. Its taste was not too salty and not too sweet. Rice went with well the sauce, it was tasty!


Grilled Porks Piled Up
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-
Pork with Charcoal-Broiled Mesh Patterns Sharpen My Appetite
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-
Rice Tasted Sauce
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-
Sauce Poured on Rice
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-

The buckwheat noodles were made from rare botan buckwheat (牡丹そば) produced in Urausu (浦臼) and they served hand-made buckwheat noodles. The buckwheat noodles were stiffer and had a specific texture with chewability. It was tasty, too!

Buckwheat Noodles Served on Flat Bamboo Sieve from Top
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-
Buckwheat Noodles
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-
Pickled Vegetables
Eniwa, Pork Rice Bowl -Kukai-

Pork Rice Bowl and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Pork Rice Bowl

Parking lot Parking is provided (10 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-14:30 and 17:00-20:00
Regular closing day Tuesday, Monday Evening
Telephone number +81-123-37-1230
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 230 309 000*38



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