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[Tokiwaken in Otoineppu] Rail Fans Say Otoineppu Buckwheat Noodles Is The Most Tasty Buckwheat Noodles among All Stations in Japan


Tokiwaken (常盤軒) is a popular buckwheat noodle restaurant founded in 1933 at Otoineppu Station (音威子府駅) in Otoineppu village. Mr. Mamoru Nishino (西野 守) is a restaurant owner. Rail fans say "The Tokiwaken serves the most tasty buckwheat noodle among all over the stations in Japan". Their buckwheat noodle's highlight is black color and strong chewy noodles made by Hatakeyama noodles factory (畠山製麺). I think that blcak buckwheat noodles are very rare. By the way, the buckwheat noodles may be sold out if customers do not visit here until early business hour.

Tokiwaken Also Has 80 Years
Otoineppu Buckwheat Noodles -Tokiwaken-

Although they are stand-up-eating buckwheat noodle restaurant, a table is set at the station, and customers can eat the buckwheat noodles there or can use waiting chairs of the station. In addition, Tenpoku Line Reference Library (天北線資料室) opens at the station, too, and the visit is possible. By the way, Place That Hokkaido Was Named (北海道命名の地) is also near here.

Place That Hokkaido Was Named

The place that Hokkaido was named (北海道命名の地) is located in Otoineppu village between Wakkanai city and Nayoro city. Mr. Takeshiro Matsuura (松浦武四郎) was taught the meaning of "Kiner (カイナー)" by an elder of Ainu people around this place in the Edo period, and this place is known for having his opportunity to think the name about Hokkaido. There is nothing except a monument along Teshio River (天塩川). But some anglers came, and I think that this place is famous fishing spot. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Monument of Place That Hokkaido Was Named
Place That Hokkaido Was Named in Otoineppu

Buckwheat Noodles of Hokkaido

Hokkaido occupies about 40% of buckwheat production of Japan, and is the largest buckwheat production in the Japan, and Nagano prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Fukushima prefecture and so on follow the Hokkaido. The climate is cool in a summer, and a large temperature gap is great for good buckwheat, and the buckwheat production of the Hokkaido is increasing. Horokanai (幌加内), Fukagawa (深川) and Otoineppu (音威子府) are the 3 largest production places. Especially, the Horokanai is the best buckwheat production and the largest planted area in the Japan, and is well-known as a buckwheat town, and uses buckwheat fields as tourist attractions well. In Fukushima town, Sengen Soba Buckwheat Flowers Viewing Party (千軒そばの花鑑賞会) is held in buckwheat fields, and a fantastic conbination of the buckwheat fields and Matsumae Kagura (松前神楽) can be enjoyed. Article is here


Buckwheat Noodles
Buckwheat Noodles of Hokkaido

Buckwheat Noodles

I ordered Tentama Buckwheat Noodles (天たまソバ). The price was JPY 520. About 3 minutes later, it was served. In a bowl, the black buckwheat noodles soaked into brown soup, and was topped with a tempura, a raw egg and sliced green onions. The soup was slightly sweet, and was not too salty at all. The black noodles were good chewy. The tempura was a typical tempura sold in Hokkaido. I ate it in old days at my house. I felt very good old.

Tempura, Raw Egg, Green Onions
Otoineppu Buckwheat Noodles -Tokiwaken-
Black Buckwheat Noodles
Otoineppu Buckwheat Noodles -Tokiwaken-

Otoineppu Buckwheat Noodles and Atmosphere of Shop Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Otoineppu Buckwheat Noodles

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